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Back 2 Basics – Love Was In The Air

#Back2Basics Crew
#Back2Basics Crew

There’s something about watching something you worked so very hard on come together beautifully, just as planned. There’s something about organization being the key reason why the previously mentioned happens. There’s something about only having positive energy to push you to the finish line. There’s something about the pressure that keeps you afloat.

Yes, there’s something about it.

Too bad Saturday didn’t happen that way. And thank sweet baby Jesus for that.

It started with a message of someone wishing failure upon me in not the most direct of words, but I got the picture. We were organized… to the best of our ability, but murphy’s law is a bitch, and life came at us fast all morning, and of course, shit happened. The pressure did not keep me afloat, rather it lead me into the venue’s kitchen, where my two friends needed to hold my hands as I took deep breaths to lesson the symptoms of my panic attack.

But things did come together beautifully, not as planned, but exceeding my expectations, and I think everyone else’s.

I wanted to recap Saturday in a way that gave people an open window into the day. You know, marketing tactics for the next event, but the only thing that stands out to me with flashing lights and fireworks was the authentic love and support shared amongst my friends and I, the participants, and hell… the 80 degree weather. Love was in the air for Saturday’s Brunch & Learn.


Patrice & I
Patrice and I

Saturday reaffirmed the mini pep-talks that I disguise as blog posts. Saturday was watching post-its and notebook chicken scratch come to life. Saturday, I didn’t feel alone in this vision. Love was in the air, Saturday, love was in the air.

I’m talking about the Friday before the event, when I met up with one of my very first readers, Patrice. We greeted each other with a hug. Not a fru-fru hug, but a “hey girl, we’re like family” hug. Before we proceeded to breakfast, event crashed, hotel napped, and frolicked in the city courtesy of me getting us lost, she presented me with flowers and note I will cherish forever. With all my previous rants of a lack of support, and sometimes having to go the distance on my own, it completely took me aback that someone who only knows me from 4 years of blog posts would travel from Atlanta to NYC to see this event happen. It was overwhelming to read how supportive she was of my endeavors. And it gave me a warm tingly feeling when she said that I inspired her, especially when I’ve felt not so inspirational these past few weeks.

I’m talking about when participant, Opal, took the stage to share her insecurities and shed a few tears. The rest of the room comforted her and applauded her for being brave enough and trusting enough to let us into her world. Oh, and we all coveted her pink shoes.

I’m talking about the three past weekends where my best-friend, Fidelis, has traveled to the city to help me prepare, watch me panic, slap me back into focus mode, and be my biggest fan, yet again.

I’m talking about my father who didn’t really understand the purpose of Certified 10, but let me know he was proud of me, that he believes I am making a name for myself, and confessed that he’s been counting down the days to this event with me on facebook. Such a cool dad, he is!

I’m talking about bloggers Tyece & Roconia, that came up from D.C. to support something I’ve been talking about forever in groupchats, twitter, and texts. Actively participating, promoting, and congratulating. Roconia… I’m cherishing the note and pin you left hidden in my pillows forever.

I’m talking about my roommate who took on the role of event planner, and kept everything in check as I through ideas and budgets at her left, right & center. The same roommate who works crazier hours than I do, yet still makes time to spar with my craziness.

A Few Goodies From The Event

I’m talking about my work family, Hi Yam, Sherry, Marika, Sarah & Dori. They did not simply attend this event. They each took there turns in the think tank with me, kept me sane during the work hours, and the decorations? Shoutout to you Big sister Sherry. The cupcakes? Nicole, thank you appeasing my requests. You know I’m extra. Content strategy? we bow down to you Dori, we bow down!

I’m talking about my therapist volunteering to help me facilitate this event, and catching me when I fall.

I’m talking about my unofficial therapists, Ayan & Akudo. One pushed me to hold this event in the first place and then flew in to help out on the big day, the other supported me from afar, via texts, emails, and our weekly skype dates.

I’m talking about all the tweets, texts, instagram messages, prayers (thank you mummy, I love you) and congratulations, I received all day prior, all day of the event, and the ones still coming through this morning. I’m talking about the beautiful email Jesula sent to me, reassuring me that this event and organization is needed in today’s society. I’m talking about my college friend and event photographer, Omari, sharing his insight into positive affirmations, as the original Thought Developer that he is. I’m talking about everyone who attended, and participated, and networked. I’m talking about all of the beauty I can find from Saturday’s event, which was received with grace and executed by fear and a whole lot of love.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that made this event what it was. Love was definitely in the air!


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