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The Best Of April

As I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of blogging and balancing all my responsibilities, it’s quite obvious that April blog posts were a little scarce. Putting on my first event was a little tedious, and bit last minute. I guess haven’t quite mastered the art of running two different ventures at the same times. But quite a bit did go on last month, and I want to recap them with you all. Let’s play catch up shall we?

Phenomenal Yetti Got Her Grove Back


No, not like that! I’ll save that for The Extra Dose, I meant my style! Winter allows for laziness, unshaved legs (yes, I admit it), and frumpy clothes. My aim in the winter months is warmth, comfort, and “I don’t want my feet to get wet.” But now that Spring has finally arrived, I’ve put in a bit more effort! Hey, I even draw my eyebrows in! I’m making a comeback!

Men & Mimosas


It was real. It was live. It was the Bold and the Beautiful, men style! Tyece gathered the men from her blog series for brunch, allowing us opinionated women to drill them with questions, comebacks, and in Noelle’s case, give em the hand. I attended with my best-friend and Roconia, and we left with a whole lot more knowledge of how differently men think. From a guy needing to date a woman for 8 – 10 months before he deemed her suitable to call “girlfriend”, to men not caring about his love interest’s past lovers.

Speaking of Roconia…


I love her. I really do. Her energy, her heart, her beautiful writing, and her sneak-up-on-you sass. Black Girl Magic could have been the theme for last month. Or maybe an old-fashioned Spice-Girls “Girl Power” would be even more appropriate. The fact of the matter is, I encountered so many talented, gorgeous, and creative women this month, it was overwhelmingly exciting to be surrounded by them all. Roconia reminded me of this when she took part of the typical Phenomenal household sleepover after the Certified 10 evemt. In a matter of 24 hours, we were willing and comfortable enough to laugh, rant, cry and laugh so more with each other. She even hid the cutest little note and gift within my pillows before she left. Love her.

Love her.

& Speaking of Black Girl Magic


Look at all that gorgeous melanin. LOOK AT IT!

The Ajayi-Obe’s Weekend


Last weekend I jaunted up to Massachusetts to surprise my family. Whenever I am in town a lot of my time gets split up between family and friends, but this weekend’s priority was family time. It started with surprising my dad in his favorite seat, to having a girl’s night with sissy-poo and my lady. We watched “Paddington”, which was hilariously adorable. It ended with an azonto dance party during breakfast, and mummy making her debut on my snapchat. As I get older… or maybe, as my parents gets older, they get cooler and more entertaining to hang out with. I love you, my little people!

Andrea Lewis Interview

Andrea Lewis

Last month I was given the amazing opportunity to interview the ever so talented, Miss Andrea Lewis! The interview will be posted tomorrow, so stop by again tomorrow and check it out!

The Certified 10 event that still has me on cloud 9!


You catch up on that here.


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  1. Ugh. You north-east girls have all the fun! Men & Mimosas sounds like something I would have loved to attend. Anyway, I loved this recap!

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