Dear Ambitious Woman, Part Two.


Dear Ambitious Woman,

If your goal and mission is greater than you, this note if for you, cherry pie. If you need to be eased in, you can start with Part One, but come back to Part Two. This message is for you, because you need hear it.

This is for the Ambitious Woman hiding from criticism.

Get used to the tough love.

Did you hear me? Get . used . to . tough . love . Get used to the burn it creates in your stomach. Get used to it making your blood boil. Then use that energy, and channel it towards your greatness.

But wait. Remember to rebuke words that are coming from negativity. You don’t need that.

This is for the Ambitious Woman holding back on herself.

Stop taking the easy route. Stop tiptoeing away from the riskier path, and take a leap of faith on yourself, and your dreams. Look towards your God, your universe, your whatever it is you deem as a higher power, ask them if they’ve got you, and them jump, damn it, jump. Not everything you do will be calculated, not everything you do will need a plan. Sometimes shit will get extremely uncomfortable, and you will need to find home in that awkwardness, that doubt, that lack of knowing what is to come, and simply believe it will benefit you, and work out in your favor. This isn’t just about you anymore.

This is for the Ambitious Woman wanting to be everyone’s friend.

Being well liked? Yeah, no. People will hate you. People will not wish you well. People will slander, mislead, sabotage, and then end it all with a, “Hey Girl!”

Make connections. Collaborate. Remember to look behind, and reach back. Build your empire, help others build theirs also, but do not be blinded by niceness. Do not be blinded by “friendly” advice, heart emojis, or retweets. Not everyone you come across is here for your greatness.

Do not retaliate, but do not turn the other cheek either. Sometimes you may need to unleash your ‘Petty LaBelle’ in the name of respect. Do not tarnish your name by stooping to another level, and remember, try to act on logic. Emotional backlash usually tends to do more harm than good, and sugar-pie-honey-bun, you just don’t have the time. This isn’t just about you, remember?

Stay low and build. You don’t always have to let the world know something bigger and better is on the way. Tell your folks of continuous, unwavering, let me scream ‘Yaaaaaaaaass!’ to your good idea  support system, and that is it. The others can wait. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t be a talker. Be a doer. Hit em with the finish product, no need to hype along the way.

And speaking of hype. Doll-face, you need to hone your inner hype man. Self-promotion is key.

This is for the Ambitious Woman being her own worst enemy.

You know that little voice inside of your head? The one picking on you? The one that makes you scour your mind, your past, your relationships, in search for negative things being said about you or your character? That little voice that pushes you away from opportunities in the name of ,”You don’t deserve this,” or some other excuse? Yes her.  Name her. Name your inner bully. Muzzle that bitch. Tell that wench to kick rocks, and then assume the role of your own personal cheerleader. Tell yourself that you will do it, because you can do it, and when you do it, it will be the shit. Tell yourself the things you need to hear. Speak to yourself as you would do your best-friend, and get it done, because, honey-pop, this is now bigger than you, and it’s simply not just about you anymore.

This right here is for you, Ambitious Woman.

Because there is no choice in this matter. You were given a vision. You were given a job to do. Now muster up the strength to execute this vision, this job, and do it to the best of your ability, and get it done because it’s not simply about you anymore, you stunning, phenomenal, breaking boundaries, Ambitious Woman.


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  1. So many gems in here. This is one of those posts I’ll have to come back to often. “This is for the Ambitious Woman holding back on herself” speaks the loudest for me. Love.

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