Why Certified 10?

“Just blurt it out on paper, you can clean it up later. Do it justice once you have the thoughts down. And what will do it justice won’t be your words anyway. Its impact is the only way to do it justice.” – Delli

I’m often asked this question and I don’t think I’ve ever tried to fully explain why. I’ve actually kind of avoided answering this question because I feel like my words will never do it justice.

But I’ll try.

Quote From the Alchemist

I’ve been fortunate enough to discover many passions: Writing and other creative activities and now recently, anything and everything about self-love, self-worth, thought creations, and one’s belief system. Through all of these I’ve managed to find my purpose.

My purpose is to help others realize their potential; it’s to touch the hearts and minds of others. It’s to educate them on the possibilities of their best version of themselves. It’s cliché, it’s been heard before but it’s never been done like this.

It began February 13th, 2012, the night I spent 82 minutes on the stairmaster trying to smash my sorrows with every step I took. Two and a half hours in the gym and countless calories burned, I left feeling just as empty as I did before I began the workout session. I was working a job that was sucking my soul dry with it’s 60+ hour work weeks. I was dealing with a broken-heart, and when I say dealing, I mean wallowing in the pain. I was also still unable to accept what I saw in the mirror, even with the loss of 25lbs. In other words, I was a hot mess and had hit an extreme low.

I had no appetite, I had stopped taking care of myself, and I was tired of faking the funk. What tortured my mind the most was that I couldn’t exactly understand or pinpoint where all of these ill feelings were coming from. I was unsure about absolutely everything.

Wait, that’s a lie.

I was so sure I never wanted my baby sister to ever feel this way. I was sure I didn’t want anyone to feel this way. And I’m pretty sure that’s what started this unexpected journey.

In the midst of researching organizations, programs and therapist that would help “fix me”, I re-watched the movie “The Secret”. If you’ve never heard of “The Secret”, check it out. It’s based on the Law of Attraction and the power of your thoughts. Half of it is bullshit, I can’t lie, but its basis of thoughts becoming things? Extremely true.

Now to say that I had an extreme case of low self-esteem would be a slight exaggeration, but I did have an altered view of my self-worth. And with coming to this realization, I realized that not a lot of these female organizations catered to this. Yes, they created a community of women, but did they foster the understanding of self-worth to it’s entirety? Not to the degree I had wanted or needed. And so Certified 10 (formally known as She’s A 10) was haphazardly formed.

Now over the years as I have rebuilt my self-worth, and have finally embraced all that makes me Yetti, my passion for Certified 10 has grown ten folds. Meeting people like Maki, my current therapist and other sexual assault victims, has shown me that it truly is possible to learn to love yourself the way you need to. Seeing Karyn’s story unfold, becoming a mentor to two beautiful young women and simply living in NYC has also shown me the need for such a project.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Certified 10 is no longer just a possible community; it is and will be a movement. Why?

  • Because there is a need to increase our community’s knowledge on mental health before it gets to the point of suicides and tragedies.
  • Because I strongly believe that once a woman has a firm sense of self, her life truly begins to unfold.
  • Because too many women are dependent on substance abuse, material objects and men to fill a void only they can ultimately fill themselves.
  • Because the world needs to know that most self-defeating, self-mutilating, and self-loathing behaviors begin within the tender ages of childhood.
  • Because the education of self-worth & self-care isn’t just the responsibility of parents, it belongs somewhere within the school system too.
  • Because too many young women are relying on our media to shape their thoughts about themselves.

And the list goes on.

Most of my time/ energy is allocated to C10. From outreach planning, to partnership building, to curriculum research and development, I’m dedicating my all to this passion and purpose. And to be honest, I’m not quite sure how everything will unfold. I don’t know if society will embrace Certified 10, I’m not even sure if it’ll be as big as I hope it to be. But my passion and my love behind this remains firm. I’m almost positive the time spent will pay off, and it’ll make a dent somewhere.

This is my passion, in words finally.

Are you certified?


  1. Great blog Yetti!
    I knew some of the story but didn’t have the whole picture.
    Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.

  2. OMG!!! I absolutely love this!!! I see so much of myself in you and your passion to nurture and encourage self-worth in our women today. I have grown so much, but there is still more work that needs to be done. But I embrace the journey and process to love ALL of me, completely! Your time spent on this will DEFINITELY pay off!! So excited to see #Certified10 blossom into all that I know I can be.

  3. Damn, you have me feeling like your passion is my passion too. I felt that! Honesty is so hard, but I read yours and I believe you. Looking forward to reading more!

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