When The Universe Tells You Yes


I’ve never been one to follow my gut right away. For large decisions, I make a pros and cons list. I argue both sides. I create a detailed list of all the work that needs to be completed. And then I mull over the choices and the paperwork I’ve created until I finally make a choice. Not to mention, I bask in a self-inflicted stress headache.

[Tweet “”When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho”]

But that was up until three months ago. I received not one, but two notes from people asking me about what events I had planned for the blog. To be honest, I planned to handle all celebrations, events and so forth via the web. Add another post series, a twitter chat, a giveaway, you know, the simple stuff. But that transformed into a month long celebration I’ve been putting together with little to no knowledge on events planning and the hope that people attend the brunch and panel I’m organizing. But let me tell you, as I have been doing so, things have strangely fallen into place.

Here’s another example. A few weeks ago, my friend, a soon to be licensed therapist, reminded me that work needed to be done. She reminded me of tasks I needed to complete. She reminded me that I was indeed Phenomenal Yetti and that I’m sitting on a movement… that has yet to move. She gave me a deadline to provide her with details of how I will tackle this. I obliged. No overthinking. No freakout session. No ridiculous paperwork. I obliged.

Yesterday, I secured a partnership for a Certified 10 event.

As tedious as it is to work on our passions, there is a reason why they are indeed our passions. We use our talents, our passions, to pursue our purpose. And when we move towards something so pure, so essential, so authentic, the universe does this crazy thing by opening up and tells us “Yes”. I’m not saying everything is laid out for us, but there is an energy developed that approves of our purpose. With hard work and dedication, your purpose becomes even more clear and though the cloudiness may still appear, it becomes easier to see your way to what it is you truly desire.

[Tweet “Dreams do not work unless you do – Yetti”]

It could be opportunities presenting themselves. It could be people strolling into your life. Or it could be the extra encouragement pushing you to create these opportunities or to find these people, because dreams do not work, unless we do. That is the universe telling you yes. It’s the universe telling you, “If you want this bad enough, and you’re willing to work for it, I’ve got you.”

So when the universe points you in a direction, you run with it. You pick up speed, you pick up traction and you learn the route with each step. When the universe gives you signs, you follow them. Let them guide you (not blindly) to what it is you’re looking for. When the universe reassures you, you flick that inner bully in the forehead. You ignore the doubt, you trust your gut, and you be sure of your wants and needs. But if all else fails, remember this:

When the universe tells you yes, you’d be a fool to reply no.


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  1. Thank you for this! I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, but THIS! This is so on point! I’m trying my best to listen to my gut feeling and do something even if I feel scared. The experience is better than wondering “What if?”! Great post Yetti! 🙂

    1. Ciara my love! You’re absolutely spot on, the experience is always better than beating yourself up over “What If.”

  2. !!!!! Thank you for this post. So glad that I’ve found your blog!

    It’s amazing that you have a friend that can push you. I experienced a period of being completely unmotivated this summer and my cousin helped me get of the funk. Thank God for support!

    1. I have quite a few :), it’s a blessing! It’s great having quite the support system, as I’m sure you understand! Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. I love this and I love the fact that you have friends that push you to be great and genuinely want your talent to shine through. Excited to see what you have planned for the future!

    PS: love your handwriting!


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