Day 24: Heartstrings


What do you want to change about the world? What cause or need tugs at your heartstrings the most?

Why Certified 10

Ladies and Gentlemen. Certified 10 is no longer just a possible community; it is and will be a movement. Why?

  • Because there is a need to increase our community’s knowledge on mental health before it gets to the point of suicides and tragedies.
  • Because I strongly believe that once a woman has a firm sense of self, her life truly begins to unfold.
  • Because too many women are dependent on substance abuse, material objects and men to fill a void only they can ultimately fill themselves.
  • Because the world needs to know that most self-defeating, self-mutilating, and self-loathing behaviors begin within the tender ages of childhood.
  • Because the education of self-worth & self-care isn’t just the responsibility of parents, it belongs somewhere within the school system too.
  • Because too many young women are relying on our media to shape their thoughts about themselves.

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