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  1. I read this article with interest. I really respect what Nadine said about cheating. Let me just say that I explain love not as a feeling, but as a decision to treat someone as if you value them. Here’s the thing, you won’t always feel love. So, what do you do when you aren’t feeling love for your partner? The rational human doesn’t need to rely just on their feelings. We have our intelligence and our spirits. So, think carefully about the whether you can choose to love a person when you aren’t feeling love.

    1. I sooooo wholeheartedly agree with “love is not a feeling but a decision.” Any choice you make to disrespect your relationship is clearly a choice you made not to love your SO!

  2. Great responses, except for those who disagreed with me. All of you are gonna get clapped up. Nah, jk. Great responses, really.

  3. would be cool to see this as like a webisode – maybe even keep the females behind a curtain and then bring em out at the end lol

  4. I really liked the responses. I found Nadine’s to be especially aligned with mine, except for the whole being in love with the 5 people. Mostly because I have issues with the terms “in love” and the whole notion than the actual number.

    But all in all, great article!