More Than Ordinary – Event Recap

moredinaryLife has a funny way of forcing you to face your fears. The Universe does this thing where right when you think you’re coasting past a problem, it says “Nah, b. Run that track back.” And that’s exactly what happened last weekend when I attended Moredinary’s “She Who Believes” vision board event. Thursday evening I packed my bags with not the slightest clue of what Roconia  “RoCocoa” Price, founder of Moredinary and creator of EverSoRoco, had in store. All I knew was that the event was sold out, she was losing sleep, and that my goodie bag was going to be off the chains.

I had no idea that I’d meet women from different walks of life that dream as big as I do. I wasn’t expecting to make connections with creative beauties. And I certainly didn’t expect to confront the reason why my own vision has been stagnant all of these years. Or my fear of no one believing in my passion. In short, Ayana, our guest facilitator and life coach, put me on front street with her gems of how to maintain a vision. And Ro’s activities helped me to believe in myself all over again.

You see, I have this vision that women will learn to fall in love with each and every crevice of themselves. That they’ll love not just the obvious ones, but the crevices hidden in dark corners, and the crevices covered with shame. I want to remove the phrase “depression” from the no-no list, and challenge the world to embrace it’s existence. I want the women who lack the ability to love themselves viciously to know that it can be learned at any age. I want the women that manage mental health illnesses to know that they are not alone, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s a scary vision. A multifaceted vision. A big bad wolf vision. But it’s a vision I can’t shake. It’s a vision that keeps me up at night, and galavants through my thoughts throughout the day.

But it’s also a vision that hasn’t really gone anywhere until recently. Thanks to Ayana and Roconia, I now know that this vision of mine was planted well, but it hasn’t been fully nourished nor protected.

Do you know what it takes to grow and shield your vision? It takes a whole lot of intention, about twice the amount of risk, and an abundance of faith in yourself. Something Roconia probably won’t admit to having down pat… but she does.

I left Moredinary’s event with more than just a sexy vision board, a gift bag that will be hard to top, and bag stuffed with pegs (do not ask). I left with an example of how one executes a vision. Because RoCocoa did that. I left with the pitter patters of fingers tips on my back from an amazing activity that let me know that people believed in me and my vision. Lastly, I left with knowing that I belong to a community of beautiful boss women. Women who aren’t afraid to get a little messy when it comes to their dreams. Women who are like me.

And that? Man, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. To know you’re not alone.

CREDITS: Jame’ Jackson

My name is Yetti, I am more than ordinary, and I am woman who believes.

Credit: Jame’ Jackson

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  1. Yo this event looks like a success! Hey Roco! Lol, I love seeing beautiful, talented women come together and helping each other to build and achieve visions without like one’s come up negatively affects her own come up. I agree with your recipe of how to make a vision come to life and plan on implementing it with this vision that I have. I think you got this girl! You have all the seeds, now just time, patience, and water to watch the fruits of your work thrive and come to life.

  2. Such an amazing post.. literally gave me chills. So many beautiful women with amazing hearts in one place. I’m sure this was a moment that will be unforgettable. And I just absolutely love that quote — more than ordinary. Definitely suitable for daily reciting as a reminder to self. your posts are always right on time for me.

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