For Baby Sister – 12 Things You Should Know.


Twelve years ago when mum and dad broke the news to T.J and I that they were expecting, all I could think was “Gross. They’re still doing it.” When you came into the world September 26, 2003, I ran around my high-school hallways with a picture of you on my phone screaming, “My little sister is cuter than you.” When I went to college, you were the main reason I came home. Couldn’t miss you growing up. As you know, and so does everyone else, you are my most prized possession. I brag about you, carry pictures of you in my purse and my phone, and do my very best to let you know how loved you are. You see, I know you roll your eyes when I say this, you’re my hero. My decisions are never made without you and Bubs in my mind, and because of you, I strive to be a better person every day. A better woman.

So in return, it’s only right that I help you to be an even more amazing preteen. Here are a few things to remember. Ready?

  • Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them. No, but seriously, I know this is the age curiosity and crushes. Always remember you are beautiful, and you are enough.
  • Being smart is cool. Cooler than bad grades and having to face mum and dad when they need to sign that test adorned with an D or below. Dad isn’t so cool after he sees though, and his accent will come out… and we know what that means.
  • If you roll your school skirt, I will manifest wherever you are and roll it back down.
  • Make up is a no-no. Not going to happen. Not now. Not next year. Not the year after that. Enjoy your tinted chapstick… and clear skin. You’ll thank me later.
  • Try new things… outside of the house. I know, “But Yetti you didn’t go anywhere!” That’s because mum and dad were crazy. But you have the freedom now, they’re cashing in on their “cool cards”, so take advantage of it and welcome new experiences.
  • Forwarn people of crazy older siblings. I mean it. I will lose all my senses if anyone messes with you. We do not discriminate, we fight kids too.
  • Take a page out of T.J’s book and love yourself. Your abilities, your body, your face. Everything. Don’t be quite as conceited as our brother… but love everything about you, just as I do.

“To reach success can be hard but just think of this quote: A mountain is hard to climb but what’s over it is worth it. Success is always worth it. My goal is to go to Philips Academy… and I will, be the success club is looking for a new member.”

  • That quote up above? Remember it. After all… you wrote it. I stole it from your homework :).
  • Continue to dream big. Dream bigger than big. We’ll figure out how to implement the dreams later when you’re ready.
  • Name brand is not better.
  • Friends will come and go, but you’re an Ajayi-Obe… we eat those.
  • You can always count on me, I promise you.

Alright, now go be phenomenal. Happy Birthday Tola-Pop. I love you with all my heart.



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