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HYGHPB: Positive Affirmations


Now that you’ve got the positive thinking in motion let’s aid to it by replacing the negative thoughts about yourself and your life with positive ones. I think affirmations go hand in hand with positive thinking. They’re used to retrain your thoughts within your belief system, and they’re a good way to negate your self sabotaging thoughts.

First Affirmation | 2012
First Affirmation | 2012

They’re also pretty simple to do and you can come up with your own or take them from websites or other publications. I tend to come up with them on my own that way they’re personal and deal with things directly within my life. The very first time I decided to try affirmations was in 2012 when my Aunt Sade asked me to read “The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn”, a book of affirmations and stories to back them up. That post it to the left? That was my first affirmation and it survived my move from Rhode Island to New York. Now I don’t know when it finally sunk in that I was an attractive woman, but it did sink in, so I’m proof they work.

I think the best way to start your affirmations are to write down your most frequent negative thoughts and then turn them into positive ones. Here are some of my old examples from a few years ago:

  • I’m never going to get a job in NYC
    • I’m going to get a job, a job of my choice within the salary range I deserve
  • I’m not that pretty
    • Look hunty, I am beautiful!
  • It’s raining? Today is going to be shitty
    • Today is going to be a good day, simply because I said so.
  • I don’t know what how [ blank ] is going to work, it probably won’t.
    • Everything is going to work out just the way it needs too
  • I don’t compare to [ person’s name ]
    • I am confident at all times and in all areas of my life. Confidence comes naturally to me.

Here are my current affirmations:

  • I have the ability to accomplish all of my goals in due time.
  • I’m fucking phenomenal.
  • Everything positive comes to me easily and swiftly.
  • My creativity and passions can be turned into something full-time.
  • My life is beautiful.

Say these affirmations to yourself every morning, or whenever you remember to do. I do my affirmations in the morning and throughout the day randomly, not to mention I have an addiction to post-its, so I place them around my apartment and office to constantly have a reminder to do them. The longer you do them and the more often you do them, the more these will stick and the sooner they’ll become an automatic thought. Once you see the changes in certain aspects of your life, and hey, maybe even your mood, move on to different affirmations and repeat!

If you don’t want to do your own affirmations, research Louise Hay, she has a bunch that you can apply to your life.

Using positive affirmations will you the control you seek over your mind and positively impact the way you process things. Don’t knock it till you try it!

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