For Black Girls Who Are Not Strong

* Written by Perpetual Anastasia for YettiSays Self-Love Month | “For Black Girls” post series

“You’re strong!” is not a form of praise or compliment.

Only seeing my strength means you are blind to my courage and a coward with yourself.

Please know, you and your observations of me are insignificantly weak.

Your existence was created on the backs of MY ancestors.

Making you blind to the weakness of your linage that still attempts to steal generations of BLACK joy!

Thieves of joy are the most cowardly.

Meaning, your insignificance is genetic!

How does it feel to be born pathetic?

Only the offspring of a cunt would attempt to strip my divinity.

How can you see me if you won’t even look at yourself?

Reflexivity and honor are my superpowers.

The fragility of your ego is a societal handicap.

Your perception of my strength is no longer my emotional or generational burden.

Relinquishing myself from the chattel of strength is where I have found my Black Liberation.

My Black spirit is not afraid to agitate your demons.

Infuriating them with my existence is my birthright.

My Black mouth holds sacred a tongue that will cast spells and eviscerate you without profanity.

Ebony eyes see through bullshit.

Honoring my rage is how I found the joy your lineage of cowardice attempted to steal.

In reclaiming my courage, I have been cured of the disease that is survival.

Surrendering to my divinity is my calling.

Your American Dream is false.

Leave me out of your oppressive fantasies.

The “Strong Black Woman” is a myth.

Perpetual Anastasia Hayfron, Certified Birth Worker, Ph.D. Candidate, Spiritual Creative, Podcast Host, PepTalksNFufu 
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