Currently – 3/17


Mood: Unusually happy yet exhausted
Eating: Nothing… just began the BluePrint Cleanse – Level 2 [cue crankiness in 2 hours]
Drinking: Why, I am enjoying a delicious green juice… that tastes like dirt with a hint of apple. YUM!
Listening to: Pharrell – Happy. Seriously? Who could hate this song?! … Oh, and my 10:00AM conference call. Multitasking like a mother-fucking G
Missing: The act of chewing…
Wishing: I could lay on the floor and stretch out my muscles
Doing: This blog post
Should be doing: Paying attention to my status call
Reading: White Oleander
Thinking: Nothing at the moment
Current affirmation: Endless good comes to me in endless good ways.
Plotting: Boxes… you’ll see =)


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