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Being Single Is Taboo For Women


Yes you read the title correctly. This is according to our society, you know the  men who deem themselves “a great catch” and the women who desperately need a title to validate their existence. This is according to the parents who equate the marriage of their daughters to some sort of success. This is believed by those who believe a relationship status will enter them into a new imaginationary caste system. Yes, this is the new-new.

Both men and women use “That’s why you’re single,” as their go to rebuttals or a form of insult, and pride themselves on their most of the time bullshit relationships. They’ve turned the average single woman into the modern day leper, forgetting that they were once too considered an “outsider”. They’re fostering a community where one should feel guilty, or even ashamed that they are single, which in turn creates other issues.

But why?

There’s this stage in the millennials life, where you don’t know what you want – but you have some sort of an idea, where you want to live up to expectations- but you really do not want to care and the simple fact that well, everyone is doing it so why not you. It all relates to this ridiculous “single is taboo” idea, believe it not but you don’t have to fall for it, or take on the woe is me role.  Society (including your parents) are not responsible for you emotional well-being, they’re not responsible for your future, and… if you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth or a celebrity of some sort, they’re not paying your bills. Why be forced to believe you’re less of a person because some nobody from social media or a magazine believes you to be simply because of your relationship status.

I for one enjoy my own company in and out of a relationship. I actually appreciate the time I get to spend with myself, my friends, and my family. Yeah, you want to cuddle, do romantic things but must one’s life revolve around the idea of being a twosome? Do you really need a boyfriend to do these things? Happy and Single exists just as much as Bitter and Single, you do not fall into the last category by default. Find companionship in yourself, find love in yourself, and I promise once you do, you won’t feel a void, and you definitely will not feel ashamed of being alone with the wonderful being that is you.

You may experience a few single weeks, months or years, you’ll date a few trolls that won’t understand your awesomeness, you’ll find your prince charming when least expected or maybe you’ll find that having yourself is just enough for you. Whichever the case, it’s fine, it’s an experience, and if turned towards a positive light you’ll grow and learn from it. Hey, maybe even enjoy it.

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  1. You know the funny part of this, is that after divorce, the majority of women do not want to remarry. According to some studies as few as 20% of divorced women want to remarry.

    I think what might be happening is that those of us who are older and have children have had such huge growth from being parents, we want others to have that experience too (generalizing when it may not be the best). Anyway, during the early years, it’s very hard to be a single parent, so we want you to be married. So, while you are in your child bearing year, people will push and pressure. It’s especially hard, when think a young woman or man would make awesome parents.

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