Currently – March 11



The Stats

Time: 06:53 A.M.
Feeling: Good. Ready for the day.
Eating / Drinking: Nada.
Watching / Listening to: Mr. Smith … talk to himself in the shower. He’s mastered the art of a good pep-talk. My boo 💑
Missing: Sunshine in the morning. But the days are long, which means it’ll still be light out at 6PM. And we thank God.
Wishing: I wasn’t so afraid to be on camera. I HAVE SO MANY CONTENT IDEAS!
Should Be Doing: Getting dressed for work, but work schmork.
Reading:  Nothing at the moment, any suggestions?
Thinking: Today is going to be a productive ass day. Your girl is feeling her magic.
Talking to: No one.
Plotting: These next 4 lbs and how they need to disappear quietly with no drama from my baby hippo gut.
Anticipating: The work I am going to get done this week. Rescheduled my Mission Self-Love events to make room for a better experience and some sanity.
Loving: My prayer-warrior of a mama. Nothing like mummy’s love. Don’t argue with me, I’m not listening to you.


The Goals


This Week

  • Aiming for 4 days of bootcamp
  • Revamp budget. Guess who got a promotion? THIS GIRL!
  • Clean home office desk so I can actually find shit.
  • Meet with accountant and lawyer.
  • Complete newsletter. 250 subscribers and I can’t figure how on earth that happened!
  • Work on the next product.
  • Intermittent fast consistently all week. Friday’s kind of ruin me.
  • Get through my 9-5 to-do list.



Last Week – 6/9 Completed!

  • Take my ass to boot-camp 3 times this week. – Ha! This week for sure.
  • Finish the “must dos” on my YS list for the week. – Got through about half, and then caught a cold, womp womp.
  • Clean the house before the man gets home. – Done.
  • Do my taxes. Lord, this part sucks being a business owner. – Scheduled an appointment with Accountant, so almost there.
  • Get back on track with social media for YettiSays – Posted… TWICE! Boom!
  • Get out of my funk. – Think I’m definitely in a better place.
  • Write a blog post to get how I feel off my chest. – Done! Posting on Weds.
  • Find REAL Palo Santo – Thanks to the GLORIOUS MARI VEGA!!!
  • New moon routine! – Done with the help of the new moon queen, Melanie Santos. If you need guidance in your rituals, sign up for her lunation emails.




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