Currently – March 6


Anyone still read these?

The Stats

Time: 06:02 A.M.
Feeling: Down. Really down.
Eating / Drinking: Mint Tea.
Watching / Listening to: Nothing. Enjoying the silence.
Missing: Mr. Smith… who is in West Palm Beach on a work trip. [ cue eye-roll ]
Wishing: I could shake this depression episode. 3 weeks is enough, now go away!
Should Be Doing: Getting my life together. Literally come home and do nothing. Sit and stare.
Reading:  Just finished Influencer by Brittany Hennessy. It was good. But not OMG!
Thinking: Negatively, but nipping that in the bud after this affirmation card pull this morning.
Talking to: No one.
Plotting: This weeks food goals. I still have 4 days to salvage the fuckery.
Anticipating: Weekend? For depression to depart me? For the love of sweet baby Jesus.
Loving: My therapist. She is the best.


The Goals


This Week

  • Take my ass to boot-camp 3 times this week.
  • Finish the “must dos” on my YS list for the week.
  • Clean the house before the man gets home.
  • Do my taxes. Lord, this part sucks being a business owner.
  • Get back on track with social media for YettiSays
  • Get out of my funk.
  • Write a blog post, to get how I feel off my chest.
  • Find REAL Palo Santo
  • New moon routine!



Last Week

  • N/A




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