Currently – 5/19

Time: 09:56 A.M.
Feeling: Content.
Eating / Drinking: Keto Milkshake. It’s delicious. Don’t come for me.
Listening to: Joe – Priceless
Missing: Nothing and no one. Wow, would you look at that?
Wishing: My sign-on bonus would magically appear!
Should Be Doing: Work before the endless conference calls begin!
Reading: Nothing, will get back to it next week!
Thinking: “I wonder how long I can keep these crochet braids in? Getting ready this morning was a breeze!”
Talking to: #TEAMCYA
Current Mantra:  “I attract all that I need, and it’s all positive.”
Plotting: Memorial Day Weekend! Can’t wait!
Anticipating: Memorial Day Weekend! Again, can’t wait!

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