Currently – 12/15


Time: 2:36AM
Mood: Determined
Eating / Drinking: Nothing!
Listening to: Old school’ Whitney Houston
Missing: My little sister, my mini me
Wishing: I planned things a little better, but tis life
Should be doing: Sleeping, but I’m wide awake…
Reading: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
Thinking: I made a good decision, a smart one even.
Talking to: Nobody.
Current affirmation: Haven’t looked for one yet…
Plotting: Packing for London, since I am my Aunty’s package mule lol.
Anticipating: Today actually… performance review at work.
Loving: My best-friend, love you Delli!
This Weeks Goals:
– Complete promotional stuff for the event
– Redo budget for 2015
– Finish roadmap for 2015
– 5 Day workout week

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