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As we get closer and closer to the date, I get asked more and more questions about what the hell it is that I am doing in a loft with a group of women on 1/24/2015. To most, this workshop came out of nowhere with a save the date and not a peep of “Hey, I’ve been working on this the past few months”. To most, it’s just a flyer that has “Self-Love” in all caps, confusing people with what type of “Self-Love” I am preaching about. And to the rest, it’s either “What unearth is Yetti trying to force upon us now”.

So here are some not so basic ins and outs of what to expect.

Here is what will help you make your decision.

3 reasons why should attend The Art Of Self-Lovin` – Back2Basics.

Discover Tools You Can Use Right Away: When you can learn to pinpoint self-deprecating behaviors, you can learn to halt them, and turn your inner mean girl into your biggest cheerleader. This is just one of the techniques you’ll grasp. Think of it as tools within your self-esteem tool-kit. Each tool has its purpose and this event aims to help equip you with the starter kit you need to continue on the path of accepting who you are.

The “Me Too’s”, The Women Just Like You: There are two sets of people we run to during the case of a crisis: our loved ones and the people on the internet. We run to them because we need comfort, a little bit of tough love and believe it or not, we look to them for validation. Yes, the people behind our android screens, we look to them for validation. I’m not referring to a Yes-Man, someone who screams “You go girl!” to whatever is have chosen to do or not do, but someone who can say, “Yeah, I feel that way too,” or “It’s okay, I have done that, and I’m working through it”. We put our feelings into google search boxes and input fields within social media searching for something that makes us feel like we’re not the only one. On January 24th, we will be surrounded by like-minded women, women that will remind us that we’re still human with simply a statement of “Me too.”

Meet People With A Common Interest: All the women that attend this event are doing so because of one simple fact – They want to be a better version of themselves. That’s inspiring,  that’s comforting and it is damn near exciting.

Three Bonus Reasons?

Hands On Workshops, Two Licensed Therapists & Food: Yes, food. Breakfast and lunch from Panera. Come, eat, learn, network and be merry.

I Would Love To Meet You: I think that’s pretty self explanatory, don’t you think?

Take a step in the right direction: empower yourself with Certified 10’s Back to Basics workshop.  Join women like you, as we hear from expert psychotherapists and licensed clinicians and work together on how to love who you are. Gain the skillset you need to begin the process of falling madly and deeply in love with YOU.

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