You Know You’re The Ambitious Friend When…

Being knees deep in the world of event planning, goal revamping, and blog road-mapping, it has become apparent to me that I am the “ambitious friend”. There are certain things I feel only apply to us special breed of folk, and yes, I have taken the time to pull together a list of things we tend to think, believe, and experience.

  • Your friends, family members, and co-workers end task requests with, “Don’t over do it. This is meant to be simple.”
  • Your commute is not simply your commute, it’s planning time, it’s a run through of your day, it’s the formation of #blackgirlmagic.
  • You get the chance to learn something new? Nice. You get the opportunity to better yourself? Even better!
  • “Me time” has to be scheduled.
  • To-do-lists, gantt charts, planners, OH MY!
  • You dream bigger than the average. While everyone else is believes the job is done, you’re already plotting phase two: “Bigger and Better”.
  • Getting shunned for sometimes putting your to-do-list first on a Friday or Saturday night is something that happens regularly. Yes, you have the opportunity to get wasted at the “Everyday Peoples” brunch with Chef Roble. Yes, you’re in your twenties and should be out there mingling and living life, but quiet frankly, you prefer your happy feet slippers to heels, your free.99 water, wine or juice to overpriced beverages, and your to-do list to a possible one night stand. Because let’s face it… the satisfaction that comes from crossing off something on your to-do-list is guaranteed. One night stand with homeboy? Not so much.
  • 2 A.M. is not late. In fact, it’s your most productive hour. 5 A.M. bedtime? You eat those.
  • The word “complacency” is your biggest fear. It’s that monster underneath your bed but bigger or looks like, sounds like, and feels like Sallie Mae. Or your mother after you tell her that he’s not your boyfriend.
  • Let’s be real, you do relationships, but you’re not stressing the age you’re going to get married, because… world domination takes time, and you need a “bae” that understands that.
  • Speaking of Bae, if Bae is not your dream or goal, Bae matches your ambition. Bae is your biggest supporter. Bae tells you to cut the shit, encourages you. He pushes you, you push him, ( insert sappiness here) and they, again, understand the end goal without either of you feeling like you’re sitting on the back-burner. Bae just got it like that!
  • You’re sometimes lonely. Success is often a lonely path when you’re surrounded by people who don’t understand the late nights, the working weekends, and the dream.
  • You get messages asking you when was the last time you ate or slept? Or my personal favorite, “If I hear your acrylic nails against that keyboard, they’re coming off. Forcefully.”
  • You’re your friends source of inspiration. Yes, it’s natural to you that you think and work this way, but for them? You’re damn near Bill Gates, you little overachiever you!
  • Your white board looks like the below… all the time.


  • Everything you do is not for fame or money. There is a greater meaning behind your hard work. There is a message to be shared. There is an impact that needs to be made.


– Phenomenal Yetti


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