GenTwenty Interview

G20: How has Yetti Says developed in the past year? How has your writing and voice changed following your rebrand in 2014?

Yetti: Wow, since the last time we spoke, YettiSays has definitely grown quite a bit. I feel as though my audience is more of women my age (mid-twenties), though I do get a few comments and notes from ladies just beginning their journey into the madness that is adulthood.

With the rebrand, I am a lot more free with my words and thoughts I choose to share. I am able to discuss things I would have never been able to do under And So She Writes.

At Ys.Com, there’s no room for people pleasing; there aren’t any filler posts that do not adhere to the mission statement of the blog. It’s pretty much dramatic, passionate, self-aware, sometimes ridiculous, but always phenomenal Yetti from here on out, and it is beyond refreshing.

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