With Love, Yetti – A Deck of Affirmations Paired With Action

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Introducing “With Love, Yetti,” an affirmation deck inspired by my late grandmother and my own past journal entries, designed to support and enhance your self-love and self-care journey. Each card within this deck is more than just an affirmation; it’s a heartfelt love letter from me to you. These cards provide the encouragement you need, acting as your personal pep talk and uplifting reminder throughout the day.

What sets this deck apart is the unique action item included with every card. Whether it’s a powerful affirmation or a thought-provoking journal prompt, each action item is designed to help you delve deeper into your self-care practice. These prompts encourage reflection, inspire positivity, and promote a mindful approach to your daily routine.

“With Love, Yetti” is more than just a deck of cards; it’s a tool for guiding you to align your thoughts with your actions, essentially helping you to return home to yourself. By incorporating these cards into your daily routine, you’ll cultivate a stronger sense of self-worth, mindfulness, and inner peace. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and let each card serve as a gentle reminder that you are whole as is.

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What’s included within your deck:

  • 54 affirmation cards divided into 5 categories
  • 40 affirmations and journal promptsards paired with a loving pep-talk.
  • 5 mirror talk / fill in the blank cards.
  • 5 of Yetti’s favorite affirmations.
  • 2 blank cards for you to craft your own personal affirmations.
  • Each card measures approx. 3.50 in x 5.00 in
  • Standard 330 gsm stock
  • Aqueous coating for ease of shuffling.

How to use your cards

Affirmation cards are great for boosting positivity and confidence while unlearning negative thinking. Here are three simple ways to use them:

Pull a daily affirmation card

Start your day by selecting an affirmation card at random. Read the affirmation aloud, and let its message sink in. Carry the card with you throughout the day, or place it somewhere visible like your desk or mirror. Reflect on the affirmation whenever you need a boost of positivity or motivation.

Use your affirmations as mantras

Choose an affirmation card that resonates with your current goals or needs. Sit in a quiet, comfortable space and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself, then repeat the affirmation silently or out loud. Let the words guide your meditation, focusing your mind and energy on its message.

Choose an affirmation as a journal prompt

Use affirmation cards as prompts for journaling or self-reflection. Select a card and spend some time reflecting on what the affirmation means to you. Write about how you can apply its message to your life, any insights or emotions it evokes, and any actions you can take to align with the words’ energy.

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