The emi affirmation deck

Imagine starting each day with words that are not just affirmations but affirmations for you. Words that reflect your struggles, your victories, and your unique path. With The Emi Affirmation Deck, you’re not just reciting phrases – you’re engaging in a daily ritual of self-love and empowerment that’s as unique as you are.

The reality is that self-care is not
one-size-fits-all because, well, it’s personal.

In a world filled with generic advice and cookie-cutter solutions, true self-care demands a personal touch. That’s why we created The Emi Affirmation Deck – a customized affirmation deck designed to cater to your unique journey towards healing, self-care, and self-acceptance.

Why The Emi Affirmation Deck?

Unlike standard affirmation decks, The Emi Affirmation Deck offers personalized affirmations that resonate with your individual experiences and sound realistic to you. Here’s how our customized approach benefits you:

  • Tailored Affirmations: Each card in the deck is crafted specifically for you, ensuring that the affirmations align with your personal journey and challenges. This makes them more impactful and meaningful.
  • Authentic Healing: With messages that speak directly to your heart and soul, our affirmations foster genuine emotional healing. You’ll find words that truly resonate, helping you navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and confidence.
  • Enhanced Self-Acceptance: Embrace and celebrate your true self with affirmations that reflect your unique identity. When the words feel real to you, they become powerful tools for cultivating self-love and acceptance.

How it works:



Either select 3 themes or book a 45-minute intimate session, and we’ll create a deck that speaks to your specific needs and aspirations.



Receive affirmations that are not only relevant but also sound like you – realistic, genuine, and empowering.



Use your deck daily to reinforce positive beliefs, nurture your well-being, and grow into your most authentic self.

Choose Your Path

Level One

Share three themes you’d like to see within your deck. (ie. romantic relationships, anxiety, grief). Whether you’re focusing on healing, manifesting, or self-acceptance, your deck will be personalized to resonate with your journey.

  • 30 customized affirmations handpicked based on your selected themes
  • Choice of color theme
  • Cleansing bundle
  • Affirmation card stand


Level Two

Upgrade to the premium experience with a 45-minute personalized consultation. During this session, we’ll delve deeper into your story to create affirmations that perfectly align with your journey. There’s no limit on themes here.

  • Everything included in Level One
  • 30 customized affirmations derived directly from our intimate session
  • Optional 15-minute follow-up call to help you integrate your deck into your day-to-day.


Ready to Experience Personalized Soul-Care?

Give yourself the gift of The Emi Affirmation Deck and discover the profound impact of words tailored to your unique journey. Start your path to deeper healing, authentic self-care, and true self-acceptance today. Because when self-care resonates with your soul, life gets deliciously better.


There are no refunds offered for this experience.

4 weeks after submission or 4 weeks after our session

Emi means “me” or “mine” in Yoruba.

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