For Black Girls Who Can’t Find Love

* Written by Jasmine Pitts for YettiSays Self-Love Month | “For Black Girls” post series

I see you over there scrolling through Instagram, getting emotionally overwhelmed with all the #couplegoals posts because that was supposed to be you at 24 and now, you’re over 30 and still single. You feel like a failure because life didn’t unfold how you planned it. When you were young, yet old enough to conceptualize love, you had it written that you would be married by 24 and start having kids by 26. Now, you’re contemplating freezing your eggs because you’re fearful of the ever-ticking biological clock and you don’t even have a boyfriend.

It is easy to fall into a mindset of self-doubt and believe that you will never find love. But, baby girl, I promise you with every ounce of my being that there is a man out there for you that will prove you wrong. Stop questioning yourself, stop feeling like you need to change parts of yourself in order to make yourself easier for a man to love. Don’t focus your energy on being the perfect person for someone else to love, and instead, focus on being the best version of yourself that you can love and practice loving yourself every single day.

Your past and failed relationships were not a waste of time and being single is not a waste of time. You are learning and growing from each experience and in due time, when your mind, your heart, and your spirit are fully ready, God will send you your person. There is so much more to life than the perfect relationship. Live fully and enjoy every moment of it knowing that what is for you will not pass you by. Allow me to speak love into your life in abundance and receive it, and you will find that passionate fairytale love that you dream of.

Until then, keep smiling, Beautiful. You are loved.

Jasmine Pitts, Sr. Quality Engineer + Body Builder and Owner, Jazzy Fit
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  1. Thank you for this, right on time before Valentine’s Day. Redirecting the energy to self love and manifesting love to come into my life at the right time.

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