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#Dear20 – Mari Vega – Faith And Hope Help

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Querida Marilys,

So much is kept from you when you do not know self-love. The earlier you learn to love yourself, the faster you’ll begin to realize all of your dreams are achievable, and that even things you haven’t yet imagined are going to come true. You need to take baby steps to learn to identify nourishing behaviors that feeds your soul, and remove the behavior that does not.

To nourish yourself, you need to first have a deep love for yourself. When you love yourself, you truly believe you are worthy. In order to believe you are worthy, you need to release all the shame that you have within you. Faith and hope help sustain the process of shedding your shame.

Once you are in love with yourself and believe you are worthy of all that this world can provide you, then you can allow the element of confidence to enter your spirit. I say spirit intentionally, because I feel we are first confident on the inside but until it is externally validated, it’s like a flower that doesn’t bloom. In order for the confidence flower to bloom, you have to release all hate from your heart. Once you practice releasing all hate, you should start creating a quality circle of friends who are also working on their confidence. This is a circle of very loving individuals who help build up your self-esteem, and help sustain your confidence. They all equally carry no hate and they all help sustain the confidence of one another.

Once you are confident, you begin to remove the toxic energy in your life because you can now clearly see it doesn’t serve you. This can be seen as acts of forgiveness, as disassociating yourself from the people who will never enter this journey, and who will need to be left behind.

Once you’ve undergone that journey, you’ll begin to relish in empathy. I recall this being something you learned in 8th grade religion class: that serving or giving back is the top essence of humanity and that not all people reach it. You will also learn that if you were to look at everyone as a young baby or a very elderly person it would allow you to more easily let go of the anger you might feel in response to their actions. You can see them for the fragile person they are and can disassociate their actions from being anything you should take personally (i.e. mom and dad are just trying their best!).

Once you complete this nourishment journey, you’ll live in resilience and the optimistic, forgiving, grateful, self-awareness you breath in and out daily, feeds you as naturally as the colostrum a woman’s body makes when her baby is born. (You might be like what is that about? Well, you end up having children, and you’ll breastfeed your first daughter for 16 months!)

Mari Vega | HR Associate Director / Motherhood Coach & Advocate


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