Currently: October 8

The Stats

Time: 7:54 P.M.
Feeling: Unmotivated… but hopeful.
Eating / Drinking: Water.
Watching / Listening to: Naruto Shippuden. This shit is wild.
Missing: The weekend. My couch.
Wishing: I could be a little more productive. But I am working on it!
Should Be Doing: A whole lot of shit. But baby steps! Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Reading: The Gifts Of Imperfection by Brene Brown
Thinking: I need to be brave and take my hair out tonight.
Talking to: Mr. Smith
Plotting: The YettiSays Website revamp. Cabo. Self-Care Plan for work.
Anticipating: Concierge finding my damn package
Loving: The pep-talks I’ve received from Tyra and Mr. Smith.

The Goals

This Week

  • Increase my time meditating. Aim for five straight days.
  • Complete a 5 day gym week.
  • Be more responsible with what I am focusing my energy on.
  • Freely write more this week.
  • Review and edit MSL.
  • Reach out to brands that have contacted me.
  • Maintain clean apartment.
  • Put together a self-care plan for the new season.
  • Be honest with those providing me services this week. If it is not what I want, I am not paying for it.
  • Review YettiSays business content.
  • Finish content calendar.
  • Post 30 day challenge.


Current Mantra / Affirmation

[Tweet “I Am Magic.“]


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  1. I swear I always say how I’m going to work out for 5 days straight and when monday comes around, I fail. I think I may need to start making my start day on Wednesday and ending on Saturday.

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