Currently – 11/19

Time: 05:45 A.M.
Feeling: Exhausted. Gym in the A.M. is trash.
Eating / Drinking: Pre-Workout mixed with Kombucha. Don’t ask.
Listening to: Nada.
Missing: Cabo. Where I belong. Room 2286. With All-Inclusive perks.
Wishing: I could sleep a little more. But fit and healthy doesn’t wait for nobody, honey!
Should Be Doing: Getting dressed… I supposed.
Reading: Stop asking me this question, damn it. I am slacking.
Thinking: Liposuction would be so much fucking easier… if I wasn’t a chicken, and if I could afford it, and if I wasn’t petrified of all the after effects.
Talking to: Nobody.
Current Mantra:  “Endless good comes to me in endless good ways.”
Plotting: Content for the new year. And my YouTube channel.
Anticipating: Family time!
Loving: Life, man. I LOVE LIFE!!!!

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  1. These are always my favorite! You’re truly amazing ❤️
    PS: I agree lipo is too scary plus it doesn’t include free endorphins

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