20 Things The Pre 25-year-old Should Learn

On my birthday I was asked what was the most important thing I learned before turning 25. I ignored the question and continue the conversation. Not because I am rude or anything, but simply because I couldn’t give an answer. I still can’t really give an answer, but it gave me the below idea for a blog post. So folks, here it is. And So She Writes presents:

20 Things The Pre 25-year-old Should Learn In Order To Not Suck At Life.

  1. hangovercure_Bob_IswhiteChange is inevitable. It’s going to happen sometimes without you even noticing it, I like to call that the good change. The change that slowly happens and you can feel every morphing strobe (I made this up) as it happens? Well that’s life.
  2. Alcohol is fun… till it’s not. For a little while you’ll gravitate to the fruity shots that make you light-headed, fill your nights with laughs and incredible stories to tell. Then one day you’ll find yourself in the handicapped bathroom, hugging the toilet bowl instead of conducting your conference call, asking Jesus to take you now.
  3. Find your hangover cure. (find it fast!). Why? Please see Lesson #2
  4. Learn to let go. Believe it or not, pain, disappointment, sadness… they do eventually go away, in some situations faster than others. Don’t let the act of holding on ruin enjoyment in your life. The sooner you learn to let it go, the sooner you’ll be back to your happy cheerful self.
  5. takerisks_IswhiteTake risks. A lot of them. You’ll never really know if something is possible until you try, fuck up, cry, learn and then succeed.
  6. There’s only one you. Comparing yourself to others? Stop it. Stop it right now. There is only you, and there are a select group of people in your world that love you for simply being all that is you. Life tends to get a little easier when you realize you’re only competing against yourself.
  7. Friends come and go. People change. You grow out of people, and they grow out of you… and that’s quite alright. It’s life, and not everything will last forever. Weeding out the friends that are nothing but poison to you should be automatic, followed by recognizing the ones that’ll have your best interest at heart, even when they want to kill you. Hi Fidelis, Hi Peach, Hi Dee!
  8. Love yourself. I know it’s hard, I struggle with it most days, but it needs to be done. Only you will love you the way you need to be loved. Only you will treat you the way you absolutely need to be treated. And this starts with falling deeply in love with yourself.
  9. You do not always need approval. Sometimes it’s best to bypass everyone’s opinion and focus on the only one that really matters: Your own.
  10. Dream big. And then work hard to accomplish it. Never strive to be just ordinary, it’ll get you nowhere.
  11. tumblr_lutq9bohdp1qmt5mvo1_500_IswhiteSuccess <> happiness.  Happiness is happiness, stemming for multiple aspects of YOU.
  12. A dream job doesn’t exist. Unless you create it for yourself.
  13. Men can have sex without feelings. Don’t for one second think he’s head over heels for you… sex will make men say the darndest things and spew lies. Do not use sex as an emotional trapping technique… it will not work ladies.
  14. Rejections blows. And it’ll happen time and time again. Learn to accept it and keep it pushing.
  15. Karma does not fucking exist. Since no one else will tell you the truth, I will. Everything doesn’t always happen for a reason. Good things happen to very bad people. Sometimes the Lord will not provide. And what goes around doesn’t always come around. Do you know what is true? Shit happens. Terrible shit. Wonderful shit. Surprising Shit… all of it. It happens and then we deal. How you deal is completely up to you, but there will be situations you can not control… and they will suck.
  16. loveattachmentThere’s a difference between love and being-in-love. Such a huge difference, and the terrible thing about it is, you may not find out the difference till you get hurt. Hello heartbreak.
  17. You’re going to embarrass yourself. You’ll do this publicly, in front of your next boo thing, and maybe even your boss. But, my dear friend, you will be just fine. After a week. Or three.
  18. Your credit card is you greatest friends and worst enemy at the same time. Financial Freedom!!! Yeah… okay. Tell that to the Macy’s Rep gleefully attacking your credit.
  19. A selfie every two days is mandatory. Do not be foolish and argue with me about this. Selfies heal the soul.
  20. It’s okay to not have everything figured out. You’re only in your twenties! I know sometimes it feels like life is running out, but honestly… life begins when you decide to start living. So make your mistakes and learn from them, search for your passion and purpose but do not forget to enjoy the day you’re currently living, and most of all, be open to what life has to offer.

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