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When rebranding from And So She Writes to Yetti Says, I opted to leave out my “Links I Love” page. I fall out of writer’s love easily, and to be honest, the extra work of constantly updating, I definitely could do without. But in honor of this blogaversary, I felt it was only right that I paid homage to the blogs that inspire me, that push my words to the limit, that entertain like no other, and of course educate me through the art of storytelling. I’ve managed to develop a connection with some of these bloggers, and the rest? I simply admire from my computer screen at work between the many conference calls and on my sanity breaks. I’m pleased to share these below bloggers and their posts, because their talent and work are paramount to this year’s growth of YS.com. Enjoy!


She’s Gotta Write ItBelieve me when I say, Akudo can tell a story like no other. She was the very first personal blogger I followed without missing a beat, not because she is in fact my blogging twin, but simply because I could place myself in the scene of the posts she wrote. From personal essays to anecdotes of her childhood, she remains transparent, honest, and downright relatable. With the relaunch of her blog this past month, I know you all will see what I see too.

Favorite Posts: We Remember Differently | The Roaring Twenties: My Struggles With The Awkward Adulthood Puberty Stage | Are You There Passion? It’s Me, Akudo

EverythingEnJI was introduced to Erica from her first post on From A Wildflower, which then lead to me digging through her posts on her blog. Passion is what I feel when Erica writes, which is one of the many reasons why she is a 2014 Black Weblog awards winner. I know my slogan is ‘your daily dose of vitamin-y’, but if that is just simply not enough, head on over to Erica’s blog for serving of raw and real.

Favorite Posts: Stop Forcing What Don’t Fit | Sometimes I Am Not A Strong Black Woman | You Have To Start Somewhere

Twenties UnscriptedTyece found me during Thanksgiving 2013. Her exact words, “New writer boo —->” which led me to  eventually reach out on a post that made me reevaluate my love life and unleash pent up emotions. That seems to be a common occurrence when reading Ty’s words: reevaluation & emotions moving. It’s followed by thoughts such as, “It’s not just me” or “I’m so glad she said it”. I’ve watched as her blog expanded and exploded into a greatness last year, so you can only imagine what she has in store for the ’15.

Favorite Posts: The War On Black Women’s Bodies | This Has To Work | To Be Loved And Understood

Write On KiahI came across Kiah during GG Renee’s The Layers of Self-Discovery Tour {A to Z} tour. Her post, which is listed below, was written so beautifully,that I added her immediately to the favorites. What drew me into Kiah was her stance on self-love. It kind of resembled that of my own, and with that, I make time to follow her words.

Favorite Posts: Skin Deep | You Deserve A King |  Appetite For Love

All The Many LayersI think the best way to describe GG Renee is that she is everyone’s fairy blogmother via blog post, book excerpt, or instagram quote. With a mission of “helping you see yourself and remember who you were before the world told you who you should be”, I had to stick around to see if her words did just that. And they did. She has a way of getting you alone with your flaws and invulnerabilities, but then also provides you with a sense of comfort with your naked self. Participate in her next #30Layers30Days challenge, and you’ll understand.

Favorite Posts: I Felt Like I’d Been Thrown Away | An Open Letter To Soulful Women Who Live To Love | 15 Unfiltered Thoughts from the Mind of a Magical Woman

Alexis BelonAlexis Belon has probably been my longest on and off read, (and only off because I ran off to college and URLs changed on me). She’s candid, she’s refreshing, and she’s so damn uncensored. Most times I catch up on her via her YouTube channel, but she also writes gems most of us women do not have the guts to say! I say you get into both!

Favorite Posts: But Sometimes I Need To Be Ravished | Taking My Inner Child; Fighting For CustodyAnother Entry About Unrequited Love?

Greatest EscapistCare to learn a lesson and laugh at the same time? Kate will do it to you. Another transparent blogger, full of wit and whole lot of self-awareness. Kate has a way of chronicling her life like no other, and I am indeed happy I’ve managed to hop on this journey mid last year. Interviewing Kate last year for my Phenomenal You series is what made me think, “Wow, I want to be as self-aware and as comfortable in my skin as she is when I grow up”. Kate recently made the move to Ohio late last year, so here’s your opportunity to join in on one of her journeys!

Favorite Posts: You Can Always Go Home Again | Under The Weight Of Living | I Found A Warning Note From A Ghost

Love, Darbie: From Texas, to Cali, to Seattle and then maybe back to Texas, Dara is constantly on the go and killing it at each location. My first thought, when I came across Dara’s blog in 2012 was… Yetti get your life, she’s still in college, and she has this much drive and passion! With her recent journey to an even greater her, it’s cool to watch Dara come into her own as she approaches graduation. And though Dara is 5 years younger than me, I really want to be like her when I grow up!

Favorite Posts: Why I Stopped Explaining Myself | On Choosing Happiness | If Not Now, Then When

The Indie ByLine: Another find from The Layers of Self-Discovery Tour {A to Z}, Sheridan has a way with words and pictures. For someone like me, who gravitates more to words, Sheridan has found a way to captivate me with her love for art. Looking forward to seeing what she has in store for this year.

Favorite Posts: Change Is Inevitable | On Emotional Unavailability, Closure & Learning To Attract What I Expect | Q Is Questioning

Dezzie DarlingDezzie is all about pushing herself out of her comfort zone, and I am all for it. You can usually find her between between NY and DC, but right at this moment she’s doing just as stated, pushing herself out of her comfort zone in Paris. With each leap Dezzie takes, she manages to capture and chronicle the lessons found. Oh and if you’re interested in a few beauty tips too, Dez got you!

Favorite Posts: Finding Peace In Not Knowing |  Confessions Of A Planner | The Twenty Diaries



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