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  1. I don’t get where you get this nonsensical thought that you are an acquired taste. Stop it right now. You are amazing….from the get go.

  2. That’s right, dammit! I really admire how honest and candid you are on your blog especially when it comes to subjects that can be difficult to discuss our own personal lives.

  3. Love love LOVE this post. I’m a person who says whatever I’m thinking, exactly how I’m thinking it and I often don’t have a filter. My friends view me like I’m some kind of jerk when I’m just being honest. I agree that the world isn’t happy and perfect and I don’t think it should ever be portrayed like it is. People are scared of the truth, experiences and anyone who talks about these things. You definitely should continue to do you and say what needs to be said. You have gained a reader here!

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve never truly been the type to sugarcoat things and I’ve pretty much taken up the title of “Bitch” because of this [ shrugs ]. As I grow older, I see no reason to have that much of filter especially on the blog.

      Thanks Shannon!

  4. I started reading your blog for this reason. That you keep it real, the world isn’t daises and lilies for everyone. It’s hard work, I applaud you for putting yourself out there. Your an inspiration 🙂

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