You Chose To Consume This


“But Yetti, you’re kind of a public figure now. Your words hold a greater weight because they out there in the world, on your blog.”

I recently had a conversation with a friend about what I choose to say and show on my blog. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details so here is the very short version: I was asked to tailor what I say. To drop the curse words, clean up my harsh opinion on certain things, and keep things family friendly. I’d be lying if I said this was the first, or second… or fifth time I have been told this. Before it was family members afraid of how I may portray myself and them to world. Now it’s more, friends, and sometimes people who I don’t know and only know me through the words I decide to share.

“But you’re Yetti! You’re creating a movement for women with a lack of self worth. You can’t make distasteful jokes.”

“You’re the voice of the struggling 20-something-year old”

“You shouldn’t talk about such controversial topics, the world shouldn’t know your high-school troubles”

“I hate having to read about [ insert topic ]”

My response?

You chose to consume this.

During my interview with GenTwenty’s Parys Grisby, we briefly discussed the complications that come with blogging. My above response is actually a direct quote from her. Because it’s appropriate. Because it’s true. And I’m sticking to it. I don’t blog for those who like to pretend that the world is happy and perfect. I don’t blog to show my peers that I am perfect. I’m not here to mask the impurities we find in today’s world. And most importantly, I’m not here to please the masses. This isn’t a family friendly blog, I’m not here to be the perfect example. I curse, I touch upon inappropriate things. In the modified words of another blogger, “I rant, I roar”, I’m not here to show you that I’m “winning”. So please pay close attention when I say, I’m not changing a damn thing about the words I place on this little ol’ blog of mine.

I write to share experiences, the good, the bad, the ugly. I got tired of seeing blogs where I truly believed the author masked that they were a real human being. You know, one that has bad hair days, that struggles with certain aspects of life and does not try to live up to societies standards. I write for the women out there who wonder if there is maybe, just maybe another person going through what they’re currently experiencing. I write to make sense of my inner battles, to clear my head and to express myself. It’s my therapy, my woosah, my “contain the emotional black woman” mechanism. I write because it’s one of those things that I do best.  And I shall not stop.

I’ve come to realize that I am an acquired taste, and if the flavoring of my words do not sit well with you, do not consume my thoughts and tales. Don’t waste your time trying to digest my blog posts. Be Vitamin-Y deficient. This blog is a direct representation of me, my thoughts and everything in between. It’s called “Yetti-Says” for a reason. I stand behind my words, I own the fuck out of them.  This blog isn’t for everyone, no blog is. But if what I discuss and how I discuss it is that bothersome, then do not read my shit.  I promise I will not be offended, in fact I won’t care at all.


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  1. I don’t get where you get this nonsensical thought that you are an acquired taste. Stop it right now. You are amazing….from the get go.

  2. That’s right, dammit! I really admire how honest and candid you are on your blog especially when it comes to subjects that can be difficult to discuss our own personal lives.

  3. Love love LOVE this post. I’m a person who says whatever I’m thinking, exactly how I’m thinking it and I often don’t have a filter. My friends view me like I’m some kind of jerk when I’m just being honest. I agree that the world isn’t happy and perfect and I don’t think it should ever be portrayed like it is. People are scared of the truth, experiences and anyone who talks about these things. You definitely should continue to do you and say what needs to be said. You have gained a reader here!

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve never truly been the type to sugarcoat things and I’ve pretty much taken up the title of “Bitch” because of this [ shrugs ]. As I grow older, I see no reason to have that much of filter especially on the blog.

      Thanks Shannon!

  4. I started reading your blog for this reason. That you keep it real, the world isn’t daises and lilies for everyone. It’s hard work, I applaud you for putting yourself out there. Your an inspiration 🙂

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