YettiSays 5 Year Anniversary + GIVEAWAY!

… But comfort can be dangerous. Comfort provides a floor but also a ceiling.
Trevor Noah

Last year I made the promise to myself to continue working towards my purpose and passion and for the most part, I did. It wasn’t my most consistent year here on this blog, but I began to utilize different avenues to share the hard stuff and the happy stuff. To tell stories through other means that are not the most comfortable for me, and in the end, I managed to create a product I had been trying to manifest since the age of 24. Last year was a good year for YettiSays and its purpose, but I feel like this will be the year that stretches me.

Not stretch as in over-worked and over-whelmed, because who are we kidding, that’s unfortunately my day to day norm. But stretch in the sense of growth. Growth as a person and a newly formed business. It’s the year I must abandon more than just one barrier of my comfort zone, and i’m terrified and excited to being this journey. It’ll be a year of stepping up to be heard in a world that doesn’t always value Mental-Wellness. It’ll be a year of shifting my space to make more room for the blessings I’m hoping to come. This is the year I will be comfortable in advocating for myself, my purpose, and my brand that was build to breakdown stigmas and help others love themselves fiercely. It’ll be the year of building a community. A community of people unapologetically trying to get it right and rewriting the narrative of spiritual and mental growth.

This is the year I’m taking more than just one step outside of my comfort zone, and providing myself grace as I fuck up, fumble, pick myself up and try again towards something higher.

The Giveaway

For this year’s giveaway, I decided to do something a little differently. Yes, the products will still be in line with my mission and purpose, but I want to include a few of my favorite items from small business owners. OH, and the biggest change of all, there will be THREE winners… because only spoiling one of you just isn’t fair. Up for grabs will be two giveaway boxes (one small and one large) and of course, a free set of Mission: Self-Love cards that comes with a preview of my next product! The boxes will include a mixture of either:

  • My favorite skin-care products: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel or the Sunday Riley Flash Fix Kit
  • A book: Becoming – Michelle Obama, Work-Party -Jaclyn Johnson, or Wild – Cheryl Strayed.
  • A sassy pin or shirt from feministgoods.co
  • Luxurious pamper treats from Body by Oshe
  • My favorite brand of CBD oil
  • and more announced through the month!

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On The Blog

  • Posts catered to National Self-Esteem Month. (But you know we celebrate self-love and self-care ALL year long!)
  • The Dear 20 Series: Featuring 18 bloggers providing self-care and self-love lessons to their younger versions.

On Social Media

  • Affirmations every week day beginning next Monday from the bloggers of the Dear 20 series.
  • Another giveaway ONLY for instagram

A Special Newsletter Series

  • Details to be announced on Monday!

The Announcement of My Newest Service

  • Trust me, you’ll love it.


I’m so happy to have had you guys on board for this journey with me for so long. I hope you enjoy all the hard-work I’ve put into this month!



  1. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone by promoting myself more and not being afraid to get even more transparent than I already am on the blog!

  2. So excited for all of this, Yetti. You’ve already built an incredible brand and I’m excited to watch it evolve and grow this year!

  3. I’m so proud of you. This year I’ve decided to finally do what makes me happy. Stop worrying about what others may think and just work towards my own personal goals. Your “currently” posts have helped me in such a good way. It’s so refreshing to look back on what my previous thoughts/feelings were. See where I was at at certain points in my life. I’ve focused so much more on self-care and self-preservation. I’ve learned that it is possible to care for others and also care for yourself. I wish you all the best of luck with your future endeavors. Sometimes it’s scary stepping outside of our comfort zone but so necessary.

  4. This year I’m going to build up my businesses… No matter how much that scares me.

    Happy 5 year anniversary. So excited to see what you have up your sleeves!

  5. I am stepping out of my comfort zone by allowing myself not to let fear get the best of me. Looking at all the opportunities in all of them except of all the bad!

  6. Reading this was indeed needed. I was recently challenged by my therapist to step outside my comfort zone and do what I love which is to become a personal trainer. I tried to give every excuse, but she showed me how it all led back to fear. So, this year I plan to step outside my comfort zone by trying not to give a f*** what others think, stop comparing myself to others and pick up my confidence and reach out to new clients. As your blog stated, it is scary as hell— but I’m excited to just do it. I wish you absolutely nothing but the best for your blog. I actually ran across Yetti Says mentioned on another website and just really appreciate you sharing your truth, even if it’s not pretty sometimes.

  7. I have some social anxiety and get really anxious during interviews or any kind of social interaction. Well, I really dislike job interviews, but I know how important it is for my career. I also know that the only way I’m ever going to grow and get better at it is to just do it.

  8. I’m going to start blogging again, no matter how much I second guess myself. I’m a natural introvert and it can be scary for me to put myself out there. But I know I can do it and put some much needed positivity into the blogosphere!

  9. I am stepping out of my comfort zone I will be 61 next month and I am going to get my life back health wise. I have hired a trainer and I will be eating properly and living life for Me. For probably the first time in my life.

  10. Going to the gym is stepping out of my comfort zone. This has always made me feel uncomfortable since most women there are small.

  11. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone by pushing myself to be more social and go out and do things. It’s like a big up yours to my extreme anxiety!

  12. i have been going to the gym for the first time vever and i am truly enjoying it!! not worrying about others or how i look just getting it done

  13. I’m going to try to be more social. I’ve found a few new groups like ballroom dance to join..

  14. One way to get outside of your comfort zone is to literally expand it. Make it a goal to avoid running away from discomfort.

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