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  1. My favorite means of self-care is finally scheduling appointments I’ve been putting off, whether they’re necessarily doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, or something more indulgent, like appointments for a massage, a haircut, or a manicure. Feels good to make forward motion to actively take care of myself.


  2. Being a full-time student, employee and single mother of two I cherish my self-care Sunday’s. If I’m not able to do anything else I at least try to do a face mask and relax with some candles lit in complete silence for at least 10 mins. My favorite self-care would be having the time to take a relaxing bath, read a few chapters of a book, do a face mask, mani/pedi and deep co my hair. Every chance I get to do these things I feel fully rejuvenated afterwards. HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!!

    P.S. I’ve adopted your “currently” posts as part of my journaling. I love the idea of it.

  3. My favorite mental health/self care activity is listening to my favorite podcasts..”Still Processing” and “Super Soul Sunday”. Bible study gives me the extra boost I need to get through the week and working out keeps me sane. Recording my own podcast along with practicing yoga enable me to stay mentally healthy. Cause in the words of Dustin… nobody wants a musty brain 🙂

  4. My favorite self-care activity is working out. Between working, volunteering, and tending to my personal obligations at home, fitness has become an outlet for me to release any stress and worries. I enjoy a good sweat workout filled with weight training and some cardio. I’ve learned that in order for me to my best for others, I have to take care of myself first.

    Happy Blogaversary Yett! 🙂

  5. My favorite way to self love/care is to take my relaxing bath with Himalayan salt. No interruptions just RELAX and de-stress

  6. My favorite self-care activity is a long hat bath with no distractions! Just so relaxing!

  7. My way is to make sure I get my “Me” time, which is usually after my kid’s bedtime but that’s okay with me.

  8. My self care technique is to incorporate the Danish concept of hygge into my lifestyle as much as possible. I have fallen in love with everything hygge!

  9. My favorite way to self-care includes a LOT of hot, long baths and doing sit ups. Not at the same time, of course!

  10. I soak in some warm water with epsom salt and nice bubbles and sip on chamomile tea.

  11. Me time.. a long bath.. a walk in the park.. anything that lets me have a moment of peace

  12. Happy Blogiversary to you, Yetti! I wish you many more bc I love your content. Self love as of lately includes weekly mani’s, monthly massages and a little splurge on something nice like fashion every now and then.