The Ever So Cliche 30 By 30 List

We can either call this another quarter life crisis, or we can put a positive spin on it, and claim this as a challenge to live and let go. I’m definitely going with the latter for obvious reasons. I created a 30 by 30 list because I thought it would be something fun to do to take the edge off of turning 30 late next year (I’m currently 28). I am a fan or to-do lists, and I love a good challenge, so why not challenge myself to live, laugh, grow, and have fun while doing so?

It made better sense in my head, but either way, check out the list and the video and let me know what fun and crazy goals you have for yourself this year!

P.S. – Is anyone else slightly freaked out about turning 30!?

P.P.S – I also forced my best-friend to create a list… and now I’m afraid she’s going to run us both broke with all the traveling and eating she has planned. I clearly forgot who she was. I didn’t think this shit through.

P.P.P.S – Yes, that is my boyfriend in the video. No, I do not know why he is like this…

Get creative

1 // Meet a few more of my blogger boos in person (hi Carla, hi Lauren H, hi Nicole B, Hi Kate)
2 // Attend either one of these conferences: EmpowerHer, Create & Cultivate, or BlogHer.
3 // Get professional photos done.
4 // Read 10 books
5 // Up my photography / videography skills
6 // Do two spoken word performances
7 // Record 12 Youtube Video

Feed the drive

8 // Get an IRA
9 // Change positions within job / career
10 // Host a YettiSays event
11 // Gain two speaking engagements / Pitch two workshops (outside of NSBE)
12 // Get serious about the side hustle, Certified 10!
13 // Pitch and/or be featured by a major publication

Travel more

14 // Travel to Bali and Morocco with Delli
15 // Travel to Nigeria with the family
16 // Do Vegas or Yacht Week
17 // Travel by myself

Love thy self

18 // Have an all day spa experience
19 // End the Yo-Yo dieting – consistently remain on the healthy track.
20 // Complete a 30 day fitness challenge
21 // Stick to a skin regimen
22 // Do more things with my siblings
23 // Try and go natural
24 // Ditch things and people that do not cater to my happiness

Live out loud

25 // Skydive
26 // Play Mas in Miami Carnival
27 // Get another tattoo
28 // Run A Race (Already ran a 5K, so probably a 10K or half marathon – MH, Lupus or MS related)
29 // Rock a bikini and document that shit!
30 // Take a baking / cupcake class


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  1. I like how you grouped things!!

    And Idk why my list is all spend money when I’m trying to save. But who needs money anyway. Lol

  2. OK, I love this & am so excited about so much of it because A) this is a killer list, B) you’re adorable, & watching this video makes me feel like we’re hanging out, & C) shout-outttt! Let’s definitely make this next year or so the one when we finally meet IRL…

  3. I love this idea! I turn 30 the year after you and I am so excited that I cannot wait! I think my thirties are going to be amazing! I can’t wait to watch you document your 30 to 30 journey 😊

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