Year 3 – YettiSays Anniversary + Giveaway

This post and anniversary wasn’t supposed to happen. This blog wasn’t supposed to remain active. But somewhere between the months of November and December, after 9 days of the most honest writing I have done in a while, I fell back in love with the feeling of relief and sheer-panic that comes after hitting the words “Publish.” Relief because I have a nasty habit of creating mental cells that limit my ability to move, grow or stretch and unfiltered writing happens to cures that. Relief because those uncomfortable feelings that have been breakdancing in the pit of my stomach, right above my bladder are there no more. But panic, and anxiety, and panic some more because the world has an open door into my heart and my mind and I’m not sure who will take advantage of that.

But there is something about relativity that I look for when perusing through blogs. Knowing someone feels and cries a similar tune is reassuring. I kind of sort of crave that connection to someone else’s vulnerability. It let’s me know they’re more than simply a writer. It highlights that they are human too. Brave humans that allow their thoughts to sing, perform, and dance across their pages on the internet.

I want to be one of those people. So I guess YettiSays will need to stick around in order for me to become one.

Happy three years to this little ol’ blog of mine, and thank you guys for putting up with it!

You guys know the drill… Giveaway time!

Every year I put together a care package with a few of my favorite things, and of course a little love note from yours truly. This year’s care package will include: You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero, A Body Shop mango gift set, Post-Its, and A $25 Amazon GiftCard!

I can’t thank you guys enough for such an amazing year, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you all month long!

[giveaway is U.S. only]


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  1. Happy blogging anniversary! I’m so glad you decided to stick around. 🙂 Looking forward to whatever comes to the blog this year. You always pull through with some amazing, creative content & words that get me thinking. Do what feels right, friend. <3

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