Women Say: Let’s Talk Sex, Baby! Pt2


Alright so we’re back with Round 2 of the “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.” Round 1 was hilarious, unedited and eye-opening. The men answered YOUR questions, and of course now, the women respond!  Grab a coffee or wine, and maybe a glass of ice cold water, you know, just in case.

This will most likely be last time we visit this topic, so enjoy the uncensored truth!

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ONE // Quick Tidbits (No more than a few words to a sentence for these)

  • Shaved, Trimmed, or Full Bush on him?
    • Vanessa: Either Shaved or Trimmed 
    • Chele: Shaved and trimmed, please.
    • Britt: Trimmed
  • Call him “daddy” or nah?
    • Vanessa: Never in life.
    • Chele: I’m not calling him “daddy”.
    • Britt: That’s earned
  • Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?
    • Vanessa: Boxer Briefs
    • Chele: I’m cool with boxers or boxer briefs.
    • Britt: Boxer briefs, extra points if they’re CK
  • During sex, I will never ever:
    • Vanessa: Tap Out
    • Chele: N/A
    • Britt: N/A
  • Sex with emotion or plain ol’ sex?
    • Vanessa: Depends on the time of year. 
    • Chele: I’m going to have to go with Rudny on this one. Good sex.
    • Britt: Depends on mood, I like both.

TWO // What do you consider being “sexually adventurous”? How would you feel about your partner being more adventurous than you in the bedroom? 

Vanessa: When I hear “sexually Adventurous” I think of doing things out of the “norm”. Not necessarily to other people but, to the two people in the relationship. I love learning new things in the bedroom so I would love it if my partner was more sexually adventurous than me. 

Chele: I think the definition of being sexually adventurous can vary depending on who you’re talking to and what they might like. To me being sexually adventurous are things like sex in public places, threesomes and bondage. Some Fifty Shades of Grey type of stuff. I wouldn’t mind my partner being more adventurous than me in the bedroom. I’m open to learning new things and satisfying him. I’d be willing to try different things DEPENDING on what he was asking of me.

Britt:  “Sexually Adventurous” is someone who is willing to try new positions, locations, toys, things outside of basic intercourse. I encourage my partner to explore the possibilities, I’m open to it.

THREE // Have you ever been disappointed by a partner’s libido? What are your expectations?

Vanessa: Yes. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me. I felt like he just wasn’t sexually attracted to me because he never wanted to have sex as much as I did. My friends told me he was gay. I think they’re 100% right.

Chele: I’d say I’ve been annoyed with a partners libido more so than disappointed. There was a time when I might have been ready to go again after a five-ten minute rest and he looked at me like I had another head growing out of my neck. That would really annoy me. Now, I’m completely fine with one round. I’m more understanding of the fact that one good round can be more than enough. (Although, I didn’t reach that realization until I met a man who could make me come like a train and met my every need in one round.) *pauses for a flashback* Anyway, I have a pretty healthy sex drive so I’d like the same from my partner. We don’t have to smash every day, but at least three times a week I’m gonna be tossing the yams his way and I need him to be ready and willing.

Britt: Honestly, no. Even if his stamina was lacking, I just expect good quality strokes. I’d have no complaints.

FOUR // The men weren’t too fond of the incorporation of sexual accessories such as toys and lube? Ladies, would you be offended with the incorporation of porn or maybe another woman?  

Vanessa: I’m surprised lube was on the list of “Don’ts” for the guys. I think it’s normal to use lube sometimes. I wouldn’t be offend if he wanted to watch porn in our sex sessions. No thanks on the other woman though but, I might an exception if we were married.

Chele: I would absolutely be offended if my man tried to bring another woman into the mix. No. Uh uh. Ain’t happening. I’d feel like I wasn’t enough for him and that would be an issue for me. As far as him trying to incorporate porn… EH. I’ve tried it, it didn’t have an effect on me one way or the other. Porn does nothing for me, but if he wanted to try it, I guess I’d be okay with it. As far as lube and toys go, I don’t mind either. If using condoms you may need the lube. As far as toys go I can see why the men might not be too fond of them. But, something like a bullet or a vibrating ring can be just… Amazing.

Britt: Years ago porn didn’t bother me but at 25 I’m more into the connection, and less distractions. Lube isn’t necessary (for me), and toys, I assume you mean vibrators, should only be used when we’re apart. 

FIVE // Let’s end this on a positive note! What are 4 things men do that are turn-ons during sex? Go!


  1. Moans involuntarily (not excessively)
  2. Takes control
  3. Has just the right amount of aggression
  4. Everything that comes with foreplay

Chele: Turn Ons during Sex… Mm… I feel so filthy right now. But um.

  1. Tongue kissing and long deep strokes
  2. Biting, light choking, ass slapping
  4. Taking his time


  1. Undress me and assert his masculinity in a manner where I know he’s in control and I’m going to be catered to. 
  2. Talk dirty. That positive reinforcement is everything when he’s balls de… never mind.
  3. Kissing in missionary.
  4. The choke and stroke.
  5. Confidently hitting “the spot” and making eye contact so you know he knows.

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