Where Are They Now? Phenomenal Jessica

Meet Jess and check out her first interview from 2012 here!

Describe your self-esteem level. Are you a Beyonce- Flawless? Are you struggling with your sense of worth? Or are you a little in-between?

I feel that now my self-esteem is at about an 8 1/2. I would not say that I am Beyonce-Flawless, but I am in a very good place. I am not struggling with my sense of worth anymore because I found the people and things that truly make me happy. When you eliminate all the bad energy in your life, and stop trying to control all of the things you can’t, you begin to live YOUR life again.

Do you have any insecurities you have yet to come to terms with?

I think the only insecurity that I am still coming to terms with is not letting what people say about me change my moods. I must say, I have gotten a lot better at it but, there are times where I relapse. For the most part, I have to continuously give myself a nice pep talk to get back on track.

You’re never too afraid to express your opinion to your many twitter followers. Have you ever dealt with backlash from your comments or opinions? Do such experiences impact your self-esteem?

I love Twitter for the simple fact you can say whatever you want. The only downside, of course, is the fact that people will not always agree with you. I have dealt with a lot of backlash from comments and opinions I have stated but has it impacted my self-esteem? Not as much as it used to. I think Twitter is a great place to really work on self-control and not entertain the people who put you down or say ignorant things about you. At the end of the day, they will eventually leave your mentions and all will be forgotten within an hour.

Within the world of PR, how important is it for the artist you work with to have a good sense of self? 

It is very important for them to have a good sense of self. The criticism I deal with does not quite measure up to the backlash and harassment artists may face when they begin to develop more of a household name. It’s important for artists to know who they are and understand that there are going to be people that absolutely hate their music or will never support their movement, but as long as they believe in themselves and their dreams, they will be successful.

Last time we spoke, you stated that you were bullied within high-school. What words of advice would you share with your 16-year-old self about self-esteem, self-worth, and of course, surviving these transformational years?

The advice that I would give to my 16 year old self would be to never get upset about what people say to you because it is inevitable. There will always be people who are against you. You can either take time out of your day to be depressed about it, or you can continue to live your life to the fullest. You only have one life to live, and not a second of those moments you have on this earth should be wasted on people who do not appreciate the great person you are and will become. Everything comes with time, and you may hate that you’re in a weird spot right now, but always keep your head up and continue to be better than the people who have tried to drag you down. The worst times will always get better, but it is up to you to live a life of happiness or continue to transform for the people who are not worth your time.


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