When Life Gives You Lemons


At some point during the year, our lives topple over onto it’s side. An overwhelming mess is created, a mess not even professional maids could withstand. Everything is out of place, everything is not what it should be, it’s all unexpected and of course, it simply sucks. But with time, a few helpers, a therapist or maybe even a few glasses of wine, or in my case juice, we muster up the strength to place things back to right side up.

Life toppled over my first full week into 2015, about two months earlier than what I was half expecting. It happened while I was at work, 9:50AM to be exact and of course, because my life is someone else’s favorite sitcom, life didn’t just topple over, it began to roll at full speed into the nearest “fuck your life” pothole. (I say pothole, because it wasn’t as bad as ditch. I’m still alive and phenomenal, after all). I was a little in shock, no panic just as yet, and little annoyed because my post vacation peacefulness had definitely left the window. But nevertheless, tis life.

As I’ve tried to get everything in order, I’ve had a lot of time to brainstorm on what not to do next time, and how did I handle this in the past. I think there are two common mistakes everyone makes when hitting a snag in life. The first is to panic uncontrollably and then spiral into a “woe is me, my life sucks” attitude. The second is to beat themselves up for not planning for such occurrences all the while pressuring oneself to figure out the “right” plan right away to get things back to normal. I’ve done both, being that I am a recovering Negative Nancy and I can sometimes be a chronic worrier. But creating more negativity solves nothing and increases anxiety, and rushing to a plan of action can often do more damage than good. The last thing you want to do is make a decision based off of emotions.

As my Aunt put it to me this morning, “Sometimes the universe leaves you no choice,” in terms of forcing you to tackle certain situations. When I spoke of chasing perfection, I mentioned how sometimes our paths are meant to change, and how forcing things according to your “perfect” plan is going against what the universe wants for you. Maybe, even things you actually want for yourself, and are far too afraid to take the leap. Being stoned by life may not always be a sign of the world ending, it could just simply mean the universe is signaling to us… in sometimes the shittiest of shitty ways, that there is more out there, that we need change or that we simply need to learn this lesson.

So when life topples over, it’s okay to panic. Panic. Feel the shock. Cry if you have to, but you need to get it out of your system, in order to dig your heels firm into the ground, and push life back into place, or perhaps in the new and better direction. When life begins to throw rocks, jump, swerve and brace yourself to take the blows without letting it deter you from your goals, your happiness. Because as the saying goes, life stops for no one, not even for the Royal Family or Mama Oprah. These potholes of lessons and fuckery are not made to put an end to our journey, they’re simply there to give us an experience on the way to our destination. So when life gives you lemons, use them. Turn that sour hit into something you can stomach, something you can bear in order to get through each and every bite.


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  1. YES Yetti. I love this, and I’m bookmarking because I have a feeling that one day things aren’t going to be as peachy keen as they are right now and ish is going to hit the fan. When that happens, I’ll need this. I hope things are looking up on your end though?

  2. I love how you took the approach of handling a curveball, even when it comes completely out of left field. I too hope that things start to change for the better and work in your favor.

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