Here’s What We Won’t Do This Mental-Health Awareness Month

I don’t want to do the whole thing of “LOOK WHAT I HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU THIS MONTH,” because I’m not here to bribe you into reading my blog, checking my IG, or any of that other stuff. That is not for Mental-Health Awareness month. Just like Self-Love February, this is a month that I hold close to home. It’s sort of a renewal for me. My new mental-wellness new year. It reminds me of my purpose. My why I’m on this earth. It allows me to continue to do what I do unashamed alongside other like-minded advocates and healers striving for the same goal:

  • to create a community where mental-health and wellness matter just as much as the physical.
  • to provide more opportunities for education and healing.

This month is about continuing the conversation. Loudly. Proudly. With no bashful tendencies. This month is about saving lives and fostering the psychological peace we sometimes forget we deserve. It’s about becoming more conscious of signs, triggers, and side-effects. It’s about caring for yourself the way society has shamed you not to, and looking out for loved ones that aren’t ready to take those same steps on their own. Mental Health Awareness month is not for click-bait, so let’s put that shit to bed right now.

It’s celebrating a part of us that often goes neglected. This month, let’s shine a light on that.

Welcome to Mental-Health Awareness Month on YettiSays, I hope you find something this month that helps and feeds you in some sort of way.


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