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  1. Loved this!

    I too have a kid sister,11 years old. At 25 i find myself learning and living though her. It’s amazing how kids see the world. As an adult it’s easy to get to tied up in bills and trying to figure shit out in your 20’s.

  2. I’ve learned more from the kiddos I know than the adults. This is such a great post and lesson! Your baby sister is lucky to have such a strong female role model!

  3. I was definitely not that confident at her age. I had a best friend that I latched on to- if she said jump, I’d say how high. It was cringeworthy when I think back, I’d pretend to like things just because she did, or say I disliked something just to please her when I secretly loved it. Sigh. Thank goodness I grew out of it!