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6th Annual YettiSays Self-Love Month + GIVEAWAY


Self-Love month is honestly my favorite content month because it’s where I get to share and live my passion. The YettiSays Blog and YS Brand were created to help women near and far fall deeply in love with themselves. It was created to encourage those tough mental-health conversations. I strive to put a face to mental-wellness that is real, honest, and relatable. So February / Self-Love month is basically my YettiSays circus. 

This year, I want us to get honest about what self-love and self-care looks like, and I can’t wait to see the truths and lessons you all share.

Happy Self-Love Month (+ Happy 6 years to YettiSays)!

The Giveaway

This year I will be doing a giveaway of two self-care packages here on the blog and two separate giveaways of the YettiSays affirmation cards on Instagram. For this years self-care packages, the lucky winners will receive:

  • Skin-care products: Mario Badescu, Humility Beauty, Saturday Skin, or Drunk Elephant.
  • A book: TBA
  • A sassy pin or shirt from feministgoods.co
  • Luxurious pamper treats from Body by Oshe
  • CBD drops or supplements
  • A Journal
  • and more announced through the month!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

On The Blog

  • Personal posts from me on my self-love journey.
  • The “To The Girl” Series: Open letters from 15+ brave women sharing their insecurities and kind words to themselves.

On Social Media

  • More affirmations and more opportunities to learn how to self-love and self-care through weekly tips.
  • Giveaways ONLY for Instagram.
  • A Special Live session on Tuesday 2/4, 8:30PM EST

6 years of down, a lifetime more to go!



  1. Ahh I look forward to self-love month every year!! I’m saying yes to myself by no longer playing small, going after things that scare me, and striving to continue to live an authentic life!

  2. Love your blog! I’m saying yes to myself by always making time for me time no matter how busy or crazy my day is. It helps me reset and relax.

  3. Self-love….it’s a tough one for me. I’m a 24/7 caregiver, with almost no time for myself. But this year I HAVE to make time…burning out. Reading, watching TV…even an occasional game of Candy Crush. Just something for ME!

  4. I am saying “yes” to myself by learning to meditate and doing it consistently! (or trying to lol)

  5. I am saying yes to myself by believing taking better care of my health and finances.

  6. I am saying yes to myself by committing to an exercise routine and healthy eating this year.

  7. I’m saying yes to myself by making a list of what I actually want to do (places to travel, etc.) and then doing them

  8. This year I am saying yes to myself by being more kind and empathetic towards myself. Many times I find myself being very hard on myself and this year I want to treat myself just like I treat my friends when they’re going through rough times, with compassion and love.

  9. I am saying yes to myself by saying no to others more often. By prioritizing rest into my schedule like I do all my other appointments <3

  10. I started a diet and exercise plan and have lost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year!

  11. 6 years congrats for real! I meditate and try to be more present and not override my emotions.

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