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  1. I tested up when you got to “you” so beautifully written and I felt every word. Self-love is the best love and I’m so glad you’ve found it!

    1. Self-love really is the best love! And it has truly attracted the best things and people into my world. Thank you for your heartfelt comment, Ashleigh! 💛

  2. “You were finally doing all the things you talked about while you were too busy pouring all your energy into the wrong men.”


    Love this so much, and I too love the you you love <3 #ebonyandivoryforevaaaaaa

  3. “You stopped waiting for a man to choose you. You chose your damn self.”

    “It was about you and loving you first.”

    So, SO beautiful, Melanie! I love all of it.

  4. “It was one last bad decision of 2017. Leave it there. Leave him there.” — For some reason this was my favorite part. It takes so much control to not feel like falling off the edge of the earth after repeating your mistakes.

    Loved this whole post. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Roco — there was something so different about heading into that new year with a bit more love for myself. I believe self-love is an ongoing process, but I just knew I couldn’t continue to make the same choices and same mistakes that I had been for three years. I just couldn’t do it anymore, so your analogy to falling off the edge of the earth is spot on. Thank you for reading! <3