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To The Girl Who Thought It Would Last Forever

Written anonymously for YettiSays Self-Love Month | “To The Girl” post series

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To The Girl Who Thought It Would Last Forever,

You met somebody at a young age. You entered into a long-term relationship and even though it wasn’t like the movies, you assumed that you’d buy a house, get married, and have 1.7 kids and live happily ever after. Because that’s what people do. It’s what society tells you to do. It’s what everybody around you is doing.

To the girl who assumed that was the natural path that her life would take, only for it to get vigorously shaken up just before your 30th birthday, it felt like you lost control of the only thing you thought you knew of life: that it would last forever.

To the girl terrified at the thought of being single at 30, you’ve realized that single you is the same version of relationship you just with more money and more opportunities. Thank goodness you didn’t settle for a mediocre life. The person that you will choose now to spend the rest of your life with will far exceed the qualities that you were looking for in a person 10 years ago. And even if you don’t find somebody just now, being alone is equally as fulfilling and peaceful.

To the girl left to discover the world of dating – it’s a daunting experience. But girl, it is a lot more exciting than a routine with somebody that doesn’t give you butterflies anymore. You get to decide who deserves your time and energy, and when you want time to yourself, it’s taken without having to consider anybody else.

To the wanderer. The girl that hates routine. The girl that finds the idea of going to work and coming home every day until you die horrendous – this is your opportunity to live. Explore. Discover yourself. Have fun with people that share your passions. You no longer have your wings clipped with the constant reminder that you should be working towards certain things in life because society tells you to.

To the girl that traveled – you will soon have realized that the best holidays ever experienced have always involved girls – and never a guy. Baecations are cute, but friendships are forever.

To the girl that leveled up in her career during her year of being single. Her year of being selfish. Her year of dedicating as much free time as possible to her passions and studies – this was exactly what you needed. Some you time to focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

To the girl that socialized to her heart’s content, lost 26 pounds, and gained a level of confidence she had always dreamed of since the age of 22 – the timing was no coincidence. Embrace it.

To the girl that coasts until she is pushed, we can only thank the universe that it takes control when stagnation occurs.

So to the girl on an upward trajectory, look forward to the future. It will be everything that you’ve ever hoped for and more. Your best life is waiting on the other side of fear. This was the perfect thing that could ever have happened to you.



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  1. I always say that everything in life happens in its own perfect time AND that what is truly meant for us will be ours. Your letter is a testament to that. I absolutely love how you wrote to so versions of “To the Girl Who…” — being multifaceted is a beautiful thing, and it sounds like your journey has been that and so much more. Thank you for sharing. <3

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