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To The Girl Who Is Healing Her Inner Child

Written by Perpetual Anastasia for YettiSays Self-Love Month | “To The Girl” post series

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Leaving nothing unsaid.
You are blessed to know your worth.
Courageous to preserve your honor.
Divine under the Virgo sun.
Bold to choose self-preservation.
Free of self-betrayal.
Healing from internal mutilation.
Recovering from survival.
Loving in Leo.
Accepting of humanity.
Brave to speak profoundly.
Relinquishing attachment.
Wise to trust.
Humble to heal.
Creator of space.
Nurturing in divinity.
Piercing in spirit.
Ferocious in faith.
Drowning in peace.
Rich in community.
Abundant in creativity.
Impactful through ancestry.
Releasing agony & despair.
Powerful to choose.
Exclusive in creation.
Navigating through intuition.
Conscious of self.
Unwavering in protection.
Secure in pain.
Magical in truth.
Soaring in trust.
Trusting of process.
Living in God.
Radical in harmony.
Weathering ego.
Embodying transformation.

This is a perpetual gestation.
Welcome to your re-birth.
Your revolution on earth.

-Perpetual Anastasia


Perpetual Anastasia, Creative Advocate.
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