There Will Be:


No more executing without  a plan. My obsession with my planner failed me this week. Maybe it’s because I am still sick or because I’ve been in the shittiest of shitty moods… but I have barely gotten through my daily lists.

No more Nice Yetti. Selfish Yetti needs to find her backbone. There will be no more bending over backwards for people, no more expecting good to come from all people. The fact is… they let me down more than they ever meet expectations of reciprocity or care. So now I will expect less. So much less.


A Work-Life balance. No more taking taxis home from work at 9:00PM, no more leaving the office with work stuffed into my bag, no more sacrificing my sanity and vacation time for others in the office. The more I do it, the more I begin to hate my job. The last thing I need is to be in the same place as I was 2 years ago in Rhode Island.

A Gym Schedule. Being exhausted and sick and cranky has thrown me off. Do you know what it feels like to take a break from the gym and then go back? No? DEATH! That’s what it feels like! Lord give me strength.

More of an effort with me. I don’t think I ever really focus on me, unless it’s something I am trying to fix about myself. I scheduled some “Yetti Time” for the first time in ages… and I think I’ll begin to implement some more “Yetti Time” on a weekly basis.

No more worrying. The closer I get to 25, the closer I feel as though I am behind on life. I keep looking back on the past five years with regret and the thought of “what a waste of time”. I feel so far, yet so proud that I’ve conquered a few things in life… way to be confused Yetti.

A new life plan. And of course… you know how I operate, no one will know till it’s happened… but it’s happening.

Happy Friday Guys.


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