The People We Meet

wemeetthepeopl_HasselI think it’s fair to say people come in and out of our lives for a reason, but how many of you guys truly believe this? I used to scoff when people said this, because they always said it after a break-up or after a fight with a friend. You know, another cliche quote to make one feel better.

But it’s true! In the past few weeks I have met some incredible people… it’s so weird… astonishing… fascinating and scary.

There’s one in particular… that I want to be so positive about but I can’t help but acknowledge the feeling that it’s going to end so terribly. But I’m taking a chance simply because it’s something they have taught me to do unknowingly. Until now, I don’t think I have had some intellectually and somewhat politely challenge my thoughts, yet try and understand my thought process before doing so. I’m not saying I have been around a bunch of “yes-men” but I don’t think I have ever cared about an opposing opinion… in a sense of merely understanding someone else’s point of view.  I wish I could explain it a little better, but in efforts to summarize the importance of their appearance in my life, I’ll say, they make me want to do better for myself… because they’re an example I can.

For the others? Take a peek at the below video. Shortest yet but one of the most important interactions I have  had with a stranger yet.


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