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Last month, I found myself rereading and enjoying anecdotes from my old blogs, and journals. Having the flu, and not having enough strength to work, walk, or do any other every-day functions, I was left with an abundance of free time (between the hot-flashes and my six daily naps).  At first I thought it would be embarrassing to go back through those old posts I made private from, but they were sheer entertainment (no, really!), and they highlighted the progress and growth I often forget to give myself credit for.

When AndSoSheWrites was created, I was still trying to figure out my passion. Scratch that. I didn’t even understand the concept of a “passion”. I was simply looking for something.  I was also completely obsessed with my weight, and so I used my blog to hold me accountable for losing weight, which it did, and then soon after reaching my 30lb loss goal, I began my venture back into personal blogging.

If we’re being honest here, I turned my blog into my online diary. There were day recaps, I wrote through the bullshit life pitched at me, and there was also complete randomness. Lots and lots of randomness. But there came a point after a few too many hate messages, I wanted to close up shop, and alter how much I shared. Not to mention is Google is a stalker and interviewer’s greatest resource.

But after last week’s post, I Wasn’t Ready, I miss those intimate recaps on love, my passions, and the inner workings of me, unfiltered and full of emotion. I’m not talking about the sugar coated ones, but the “Dear Diary Posts” where I let myself uncoil in a blog post and twine the ends of my being into a pattern that makes a little more sense to me. I miss those posts where it’s not written for the sake of storytelling and transparency, but because it’s a personal account I want to remember or need to figure out. And from a few old readers love notes, I hear you miss them too.

So I am bringing them back with The Extra Dose, my new monthly newsletter. It will full of those personal anecdotes, those not so safe for my parents memories, and those moments that capture my heart and mind.

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