#TBT – 10 Favorite Posts From YettiSays 2015

Not Everyone Deserves A Piece Of You // Because not every voice shared with you is for you. Not every opinion needs to be acknowledged. Not everyone cares for what you have to share. And not everyone is worthy of you anyway. Yes, sometimes we have to bear the storm, or however that cliché phrase goes, but we do not need to be drenched in it either. If stepping away means you’re silent for a few days, then do it. If stepping away means your sanity remains in tact, then do it. It’s not isolation. It’s not living in La-La land. It’s you deciding that not everyone and everything deserves a piece of you right now, and there is nothing wrong with that.

To The Girl That Was Too Fragile To Love Herself // You’ll spend a lot of your time wondering if this relationship is for you. If it’s the holy grail, and if it’ll last. It wasn’t for you, it was far from the holy grail, and you will thank the universe that it didn’t last. But before you become jaded, before you punish yourself for going against those gut feelings to break up, and before he drives you to a level of crazy where you will not recognize yourself, enjoy being fearlessly in love.

When You Don’t Cancel The Event // It started in a mess, but then again, isn’t that how all beautiful things are formed? It needed to be that way. It needed to be rough, difficult, and messy for the support to be seen, for the potential to be reminded, for the hard-work to pay off. You needed to learn to use that crippling fear to somehow drive you towards the end, and for you to understand that it’ll always be a mess. But not just simply a mess. A beautiful one.

This Is The Last Time // And it is insanity, because we both know it’s a terrible idea. Such a terrible fucking idea. But that won’t stop me from going the distance, and it won’t stop you from leading me there. That won’t deter me from partaking in the unforgivable, and the emotional fuckery that’ll follow will not discourage you. It won’t stop me from doing more than just simply tasting the forbidden fruit. And you? You’ll inhale me, peel me, and then devour me, seeds and all. We’ll lick each others finger coated with guilt and desire. And yet again, I’ll become your secret as you will equally be mine.


The Sisterhood of Writing // Write with purpose. Write because you have to something to share. Write because you’re angry and the world needs to be educated. Write because you’re crying, and your heart needs these words to hold it together. Cry it out on a post. Let your feelings seep through on a post. Be vulnerable on a post. Don’t fear the emotions. They make for timeless pieces. Or “I feel that way, too,” pieces. Or “Thank God she said it” pieces.

The Men Respond: Soulmates and Love Interests // Late last year the squad from “The Women Respond” took to answering questions on soul-mates, being in love and of course, forfeiting that love. YES, they answered the questions first, so the men could respond… and boy did they respond. Check out what Eric, Rudny, Greg and Anwar had to say in response to the ladies of this series!

Group C10 Picture

Because Sometimes Rock Bottom Needs To Happen // No, you can’t stay here forever. This is just temporary. This isn’t a place to live, one can not survive in this kind of darkness. But when ready, you must claw your way out of this dungeon. Choose to do better. Choose to learn from your mistakes. Choose to forgive yourself, and to forgive others. There’s no blame game here, just reflections and learning. But before you dig yourself out of your mess, your pile of shit, choose happiness in every possible way.

DPY – Honor Your Craft // Guard your magic, Phenomenal Yetti. Protect it’s sparkle. You’ve been doing this for years, and you have often learned the hard way. Not everyone is your friend. Not everyone is their to cheerlead you on. Disguises and smiles are easy to wear, and it’s time to stop being gullible. Stop the naivety. Competition doesn’t exist to you, unless you’re comparing to a past version of yourself. But to others? It’s how they operate. Shield your craft, your plans, your blueprint. Execute those dreams, pass on the validation from others.


I Don’t Believe In Fairytales, But I Believe In Love // Love kind of just happens. It’s something you have to be open to, but not necessarily on the hunt for. It’s spontaneous, it’s overwhelming, it’s consuming. It’s a web of confusion, yet it makes the most sense at the same time. It’s something that can’t be explained, but then all of a sudden can be.

When Life Gives You Lemons // Life toppled over my first full week into 2015, about two months earlier than what I was half expecting. It happened while I was at work, 9:50AM to be exact and of course, because my life is someone else’s favorite sitcom, life didn’t just topple over, it began to roll at full speed into the nearest “fuck your life” pothole. (I say pothole, because it wasn’t as bad as ditch. I’m still alive and phenomenal, after all). I was a little in shock, no panic just as yet, and little annoyed because my post vacation peacefulness had definitely left the window. But nevertheless, tis life.

That’s My Kind Of Love // I want to be understood. Read me like a book. Maybe not immediately, but when you get there, I want you to love the pages of my crazy, sexy, cool. I want you to study them. Connect the dots and admire the flaws. Don’t correct them just yet. Let them simmer for awhile,  and leave your notes written on the side. Highlight my happiness. Underline my insecurities. Make these pages your bed time reading. Leave your fingerprints all over these pages. Know my pages by heart. And then when you’re ready, I invite you to write a few of your own.


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