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Take What You Deserve


& Not What They Dish Out To You.

… I don’t ask for much. I really don’t. I do my best to solely rely on myself. Not one person knows the all details of what I deal with good or bad, and very rarely do people find out while I am in the midst of experiencing them. Just how my Mummy raised me. But I give. For those I care about, I will give you as much of me as you need at that moment.

But I don’t ask for much. 

But sometimes not asking for the littlest of things will backfire.

People will treat you like complete shit if you allow them to, blatantly or masked. I learned  that the hard way last month, that you can’t ever be too nice, but I’m starting to see it more often outside of that situation that I am still being taking advantage of. From work to “friends”… it’s happening, and sometimes, it’s hidden under bullshit phrases such as “I appreciate you, I love you, I care, Great job.”

I see through the praise, I see through the bullshit.

And I have no-one to blame but myself.

My best-friend Deli pointed out the other day that she noticed with her new friendships she had stopped pointing out the things she didn’t particularly like or appreciate, and was starting to notice that these new friendships didn’t respect her wishes as much as her old ones. And the words of another friend haunt me daily:

“You don’t have any boundaries Yetti. Why do you not set the boundaries?”

Because I assume I will be treated a certain way. Respect is earned… yes I know. But there is common knowledge of how a person, an associate, a lover or a friend should be treated. Correct?

So why do people ignore these facts?

It all kind of boils down to that quote from The Perks of Being a WallflowerYou accept the love you think you deserve.

Only difference is, I do not deserve these things because well, I’m fucking phenomenal in every fucking way possible.

I never set the boundaries that I will not work more than a 50 hours week. Now it’s expected for me to complete 12 hour days and sacrifice my weekend for a project, I truly, truly could not give two shits about.

I never set the boundaries with certain people that you will respect me at all times, because well… I thought it was fucking common sense. Reciprocity is so key, and it’s lacking terribly right now because I never made it a requirement.

And now I have to create turmoil in order to gain a sense of control over things. Yay me.

Take what you deserve people. Set boundaries, do not settle for less, and take what you know you deserve.



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