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  1. I cannot agree more. I get that yes, sometimes telling a person that is suicidal is not the best thing to do. They’re in a fragile place and they need understanding and not judgement, but as someone who’s had suicidal thoughts theirself and had my father go through 2 suicide attempts,I can’t say it’s not selfish. Especially if you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness and there are facilities there to help you. I’m also one of those people that in my father’s situation goes to him as the voice of reason and tells him to pull himself up by his bootstraps and stop being so damn selfish towards his daughter and grand-baby that’ll be here in less than 2 months,and it works.

    I know that people don’t take their lives because death is so appealing, but rather because life is so agonizing, like Ann Voskamp said in her article discussing mental health issues & the church… but as a family member of someone who has attempted it I can fully say it WAS selfish, IS selfish and will continue to be like that. That persons death can in NO way benefit me, it’s bullshit if you think I’d be better off without you. That’s something people tell themselves to feel better about their decisions.

    If you understand where I’m coming from?