Dear Perpetual’s of the Past – You Have Always Been Protected

* Written by Perpetual Anastasia Hayfron for YettiSays 8th Annual Self-Love Month | “Shedding Layers” Post Series

My Dear’s,

Let’s take a walk down memory lane…

Born Fall of 1990 three weeks “late”.

Youngest daughter, oldest in the household.

Parentally kidnapped at three.

An aunty by four.

Latchkey kid and parentified at six.

Educationally neglected in fourth grade.

Denied affection and nurture at eight.

Realized Catholicism was a scam at nine.

Displacement and temporary homelessness at ten.

Inaugural heartbreak and employed by twelve.

Withdrew from private school at thirteen.

Runaway and juvenile probation at fourteen.

Bullied, emotionally, and physically abused until seventeen.

Sexual assault and forgiveness at eighteen.

Forewarned of infertility at twenty.

Termination at twenty-one.

First breakup at twenty-three.

PCOS, depression and anxiety diagnosis’ at twenty-eight.

Retired, demanded honor, and reborn at twenty-nine.

Acceptance of agape and began dating at thirty.

Facilitated eighteen childbirths by thirty-one.

No matter what, you’ve always had faith in what you deserved and could accomplish.

The times those assigned to you were incapable, you chose to love yourself.

During your perpetual metamorphosis (Re)member:

You are safest when you are soft.

Your sensitivity is your superpower.

You are not your thoughts.

You are the alchemist that transforms them.

Your intuition is the foundation of your essence and intelligence.

Your past does not predicate your future.

Expansion is one of many pathways to your freedom.

Vulnerability has taken you places anger cannot survive.

Your perpetual armor has alchemized into unconditional love.

The depth of your heart knows no bounds.

Your love is a personification of God’s presence.

Pleasure and play are your priorities.

You are divinely protected.

Any discomfort that arises when choosing yourself is a reminder you are human.

You are deserving of unconditional love and reciprocity.

Your sovereignty is a lifelong practice.

Pressure does not align with your purpose.

Your voice is an invaluable asset.

Unlearning and (re)membering your infinite lifelines.

Death is your ritual.

May the anointing of your ancestors always keep you from self-betrayal.

Perpetual Anastasia Hayfron, Altruistic Hedonist

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