Dear Judgmental Mari – You Are a Goddess Here To Impact This Earth


* Written by Mari Vega for YettiSays 8th Annual Self-Love Month | “Shedding Layers” Post Series

Dear Mari,

I am breaking up with the version of us that isn’t polarized towards unconditional love. Judgment has been a hell of a teacher this season. Maybe it has something to do with the word you choose for 2022: Devotion. Your spirit guides whispered this word to you, and you, with an element of surrender, accepted it as your word. When you first picked the work 6 weeks ago you didn’t see a connection, but a lot has happened since then. When you now think of your word for 2022, you think of devotionals and religious worship.

How fitting for this journey of unlearning and reprograming.

You’ve been on a non-stop, one-way trip through The Judgement Zone since this past Scorpio season. You’ve felt judgment from your parents, your extended family, your husband, your friends, and sometimes strangers too. Trust me, it’s been a wild ride! You used to get sad about it. Angry and offended. You wanted to fight, cry, ignore it and bury yourself within busy work. But we don’t do that anymore, and though it’s extremely hard to ignore, we abide by “what others think of me is not my business.”

Instead of fighting it, we sit with it. We remain present enough to acknowledge the data of the moment without committing to an immediate emotional response. We reflect and ask if this is coming from a place of unconditional love. We ask if this person is showing up as a mirror for us or simply showing up as a reflection of themselves. We question the validity of where this judgment is coming from, and then we choose what to take with us in this life we’ve created and are still creating. Because goddess, like so many others, you are a creatress living in this lifetime here to impact this earth.

Through these experiences, you’ve come to understand why judgment makes you feel guilty. You’ve realized it’s because you’ve been judging yourself. And from holding space for yourself and taking responsibility for your feelings, you found us the remedy. Self-compassion!

Self-compassion has been a struggle for us in the past, but this knowledge has made all the difference.

As you continue this learning and unlearning process, you will abandon what society has nurtured you into believing. You now focus on your own thoughts and beliefs.  And though sometimes your own thoughts may disturb you, you’ve learned to pause and not judge them. 


Chief Goddess in Charge,


Mari Vega, Chief Goddess in Charge, Creative Healing by Mari Vega
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